Tips for Companies Who Market to Mums

Are your ideal customers mothers? If so, let me make life REALLY easy for you and tell you what we want!

I'm a busy mum of two. I want things to do the job they are meant to do - easily.

I took my son to McDonalds recently. With his Happy Meal he could choose an Innocent smoothie carton or a Fruit Shoot juice. He usually takes the Fruit Shoot but that day he wanted a smoothie. Trendy packaging I suppose, but it took me a full minute to get the straw from its wrapper and prick it into the silly little hole at the top - and some drink spilled out down my hand as I did it. All the while I'm listening to a grumpy 2 year old cry for his drink and juggling shopping bags and trying to dodge the crowd.
I wish I'd got him the Fruit Shoot. Easy to use packaging: lid off, spout up, hand to kid - 3 seconds tops. (and no spills)

Good design is my best friend. I will pay more for it.
I recently bought a YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick I'd seen at my nearest counter which was a gorgeous colour and I couldn't find a colour that I liked as much in any of the cheaper ranges. How delighted was I the first time I went to apply my lippie to see there was a mirror at the top of the lipstick lid! Little touches like this make my life easier. I'm now a YSL lipstick convert.

Give me practical technology.
Make me a mobile phone that can take 2 SIM cards (one for business, one for personal) that has a clip designed into the body of the phone so I can fasten it to the inside of my bag so I don't have to rummage and miss a call or risk breast cancer by storing the phone in my bra for easy access.

Don't slow me down.
Would any car manufacturer out there design me a quick release door so when I click my keys to unlock it also releases the drivers door allowing me to dump my bags on the seat when I have my arms full of kids, shopping bags, school bags and drinks. I'd only need to prise the door open with my foot to dump the bags!

Think of your profits.
Supermarkets - design me a trolley that will allow me to shop whilst pushing a sleeping child in a buggy. If he's awake he will sit in a trolley. If he's asleep I can only buy as much as I can fit into the hood of my pushchair (not much) because carrying a basket is too heavy and hurts my arm when I'm trying to steer a pram and hold a basket. Most prams, like trolleys, need 2 hands to navigate. Trust me, I could buy so much more.

Think of the Men and Kids when you Design Products for Me.
Make Up Companies. PLEASE can you design a nail polish that distributes colour onto my nail but if the brush passes over skin the colour turns to water and it doesn't stain? Kind of like a kids magic painting set when all you have to do is dip the brush in water and it magically 'paints' a rainbow of colours onto the page.
I just want it the other way round. Colour on toenail that turns to water on skin. When I was heavily pregnant I liked my hubby to paint my toenails as I couldn't and I still wanted to look nice. But he couldn't keep within the lines. Now my 7YO daughter wants her nails painting but she has ants in her pants and squirms when I do it - hence polish everywhere. If we can send humans to the moon and have the imagination to create films like Avatar and can have mobile phones the size of a credit card that are also cameras, laptops, MP3 players, games consoles, calculators, diaries and phones - can't we have a nail polish that doesn't paint on skin?!

Companies, please! If you market products to busy women, make sure you have plenty of women like that in your R&D and marketing teams, so we get what we want! If you don't, then come see busy mums like me for consultancy!

...... Being organised saves time, money, boosts your productivity and helps you enjoy the 'little stuff' of life.
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