Time Management Tips for Women Who Juggle plus Competition!

Here are some of Juggle Mum's regularly used tips- all tried and tested by me!

Each weekend, go through your diary for the week to come. Notice where you have a big meeting to prepare for or which day is your child's 'Show & Tell' at school, so these things don't catch you by surprise the night before.

Choose the next day's outfit at bedtime to avoid those "What shall I wear?" lost minutes in the morning.

Eliminate 'dead' time by keeping your iPod topped up with an audio book, podcast or TV show so you always have something to listen to whilst waiting for the train / in a doctors surgery etc. I always have something for me plus at least 1 ep of Hannah Montana and 1 ep of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I can pacify whichever child is with me at the time!

As your friend & family celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and babies born this year, note the dates they occur on a computer spreadsheet. This 'Master List' will ensure you never miss an occasion again. You simply check the list at the start of each month to get the relevant cards for the dates in that month.

When people are bogged down in the 'everyday' it's hard to find the time and energy to dream and plan. These tips should help make the 'everyday' run more smoothly!

What is YOUR best time management tip for busy mums? Comment below and the best one chosen by me wins a £20 High Street Gift Voucher - You can choose from Sainsbury’s, Asda, Debenhams, New Look, Marks and Spencer, Argos, Next, Boots, WH Smith, H-Samuel, Oasis and HMV.

**NOTE: This contest is now closed**

This competition runs all month until Friday 30th April so you have time to think of something! You can enter more than once but each entry must contain a new tip. Good luck!

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...... Being organised saves time, money, boosts your productivity and helps you enjoy the 'little stuff' of life.
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  1. My best time management tip is don't start blogging unless you have enough time!!!!! Which I haven't at all, but thought I'd just say!! Enjoyed reading your tips though - excellent advice.

  2. My life saver is to stock up on lots of age appropriate presents, cards and wrapping paper in August so that when daughter is invited to a party I don't have to find time to go and get a card and present!


    WM x

  3. Thanks Diney for your tip! I know what you mean:-)

    Working Mum - great advice. I do this too, although I don't do it in August, it is a kind of 'when I spot something' activity! However August is great as all the shops are having sales at that time so we could all get our quota pf pressies cheaper!

    Keep all your tips coming - one winner will be selected at the end of the month!

  4. It amazes me how much more productive I became when I started setting my alarm clock for ten minutes earlier than usual and planned out my day for ten minutes or so. If you spend that time evaluating the most important three tasks for you to complete, you will almost always get them done.

    Here's a really specific tip, though, and the one I want to enter into the competition: If you have a task that you want to complete, get out your kitchen timer. Set the timer for 25 minutes, and work on the task while the timer is ticking. Let the people around you know that they're not to disturb you until the timer finishes ticking. Few things are important enough that they can't wait 25 minutes. Once the timer goes off, stop working (no matter where you are with the task) and take a 5-minute break to unwind. After those 5 minutes, start up the timer again. After setting the timer three times, take a longer break for 30 or 45 minutes. This has proven to be SO much more efficient than setting up a 4-hour block of your day to work, because distractions end up consuming that block if you're not careful.

    Source: I run a time management consulting company. If you might be interested in signing on as a client, e-mail me at nate [at] cumalu.com

  5. One thing I do that saves me a lot of time is to refill my going out bag when we get back each day. That way, I only have to add the perishables and we are ready to leave at any moment. Plus I never get stuck without nappies / change of clothes / tots etc.

  6. Some good pointers there Nate - thanks for those!

    Hi Kelly - agree, it is definitely better to prepare the bags the day before! Thanks for your tip!

    All tips in so far are in the prize draw, so keep more coming and the winner will be chosen at the end of April!


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