Book Review: The Skinny On Time Management

I was sent a book called The Skinny On Time Management and Other Life Challenges by Jim Randel to review and I have to say, it wasn't at all what I expected!

When I opened the book, it was full of cartoons! Kind of like a cartoon strip in a newspaper but it got across its pointers in a bite sized way. I suppose in our fast moving world, the writer recognised that people want fast information and this was definitely preferable to reams of text.

The press release that came with the book said that The Skinny On™ books are inspired by the Japanese manga literary phenomenon and represent a paradigm shift in how individuals are learning. It’s no secret that generation Y learners want their information quicker and faster than ever before. Today’s young people are staccato learners and do not have the patience to thumb through a 200 page, text driven book stuffed with filler.

Yup! Just what I said!
The book covers clutter, utilising down time, matching time and energy, time journals, focus and batching tasks - and everything is communicated in a friendly, non intimidating and easy to understand style.

I practise many of the techniques within the book but it's always great to remind yourself of different ways from time to time so this book is staying on my book-case for a refresh each year!

The book costs £8.93 from Amazon.

...... Being organised saves time, money, boosts your productivity and helps you enjoy the 'little stuff' of life.
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