What's in my Bag? Inside the bag of a Mummy-Blogger!

This meme is taking off with the mummy-bloggers and I recently saw a vlog by Carly at Wives & Daughters who tagged 'anyone who wants to join in the fun' to post 'What is in Their Bag'!

Here goes - this is my latest bag.

I love pink and it is a great size - it fits in everything! I also love the gold clip on the front - even though the woman at the till in the shop said it would drive her nuts!

So here is what is in it!

Here is a list:
Posh sunglasses
My business cards (for The Dream PA)
My diary. If you squint really hard you can see that I'm having my nails done today and the cat (Star) is going in for a castration on Weds!
Chewing gum (the idea is to stave off hunger pangs!)
Purse- I love purple and esp. purple snakeskin!
Black swirly purse is what I keep the dummy (also pictured) in!
SHE notebook. This is my blogging notebook for ideas I get for posts, inspiration, things I don't want to forget!
Empty BlackBerry case - I was taking the photo with my BlackBerry!
My 'other' phone. This one is personal - for school or nursery to contact me when I'm not with kids. I always have this one on. I often tuck in in my bra! My work phone (BlackBerry) gets diverted to my receptionist when I'm unavailable.
Clarins Hand & Nail Cream. My favourite. I always get it duty free when I can.
Plastic hair band. I was at the gym and wore it under my hat!
Daughter's Easter Colouring Competition entry. We need to hand this in to the Town Hall this week for her to have a chance of winning!
Pink make up bag containing loads of essentials such as wet wipes, MAC lipstick, compact, emery board, hairclip etc!
the red thing underneath is my 'bag for life' - spare shopper that I have so I don't have to take carrier bags!
Lastly my son's Gameboy was in here too but he took it back when he saw me setting up the picture!

Check this out:

This was an old post I did last year. As you can see, I carry much the same stuff - I just change the purse, bag and business card case regularly!!

Isn't it funny how we love to nosey round other people's bags, homes etc. I love seeing what other people carry round! I'd like to tag the following mummy-bloggers and also anyone else who wants to join in the fun! Leave me a comment and let me know when I can go and have a snoop at yours!!

...... Being organised saves time, money, boosts your productivity and helps you enjoy the 'little stuff' of life.
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