What Do I Think Of Motherhood? (And Win A DVD!)

My own experience of motherhood is exciting, fun, exhausting, frustrating, loving, complex - it is a million things all at once. The biggest rollercoater ride in the park. This week I was asked to say what I thought of Motherhood - the new movie staring Uma Thurman, and I was sent a review copy. I had such high hopes for the film, I so wanted to root for the main character. But I felt let down.

Uma plays Eliza, a mum of two with a husband, living across 2 rent controlled apartments in New York, up a million stairs, in cluttered chaos, strapped for cash, and mummy-blogging in her 'tiny wedges of time'. Pre-kids she was a writer and the film is about her trying to juggle her life as a mum whilst trying to find a scrap of her old self again - the carefree young girl who loved music, was attracted to her husband for his eccentricities and who wrote fiction which she won prizes for.

To this I can relate. I had to 'claw' myself back - and am still fighting the urge some days to put on my comfy velour trackie bottoms and 'mum jeans'. If I get on 'optional extras' such as a belt and a string of beads it is a good day, and I always was / still am a fashion loving woman. But it isn't about fashion - it is about giving yourself the time you deserve and nugding yourself up the priority list from the last place that you inhabit once babies come along - and we all have to learn how to do it at some stage.

This movie could have explored all that in more depth. I would love to watch a movie where I can learn something - maybe about a tip to make my life run more smoothly or a movie that inspires me to do something. A movie that makes me smile in recognition or one that gives me a 2 hour break and a bit of escapism. Instead, I felt like taking poor, sad, hapless Eliza; de-cluttering her apartment, taking her shopping for some practical but stylish items such as a trolley shopper on wheels (by Orla Kiely, not by a mobility accessories store) and giving her a life coaching session to build her self esteem.

The best bit of the movie for me was when she put on her loud music and started rocking out in her apartment with the courier boy. She lost herself in the moment for just a minute. She remembered who she used to be and was that person again. I highly recommend every mum gets to listen to some of 'her' music from time to time. Music has that ability to raise you up, make you feel free, let you wiggle your bum, tap your foot, get moving - the moving releases the endorphins and they make you feel awesome! I rocked out on Friday at the gym - on the treadmill, singing along to Gabriella Cilmi whilst I pounded the beats of "I am a WOMAN - on a MISSION - wooahhh! Nothing can STOP me, I'm STRONGER than ever. I will do what I GOTTA DOOO!" I mean, I know all the words to "Chuggington - Chugger chugger chugger" and Carrie & David's Popshop" and whilst I enjoy singing along with my kids, you can't beat a bit of Hip Hop, Girlie pop or a good old Rock Ballad!

The film became more watchable the second time I watched it. I wanted to give it a chance as I'd spent the first time round shouting at the screen at those annoying mothers in the playground who thought they were doing their kids a favour by putting them in a Haz-Mat suit to ward off the UV rays when in reality they are setting their kids up for a lifetime of getting wedgies and their heads shoved down the toilet from the bigger kids at school. Oh, and this mum also wiped sun lotion in her kids' eye and when the kid started crying she cried back at him (to empathise and soothe him!) Freak! Then there was the other psycho mum who pounced on Eliza the second she observed her own kid getting a telling off. I mean, come on love - take a chill pill and stop fighting your kids' battles. This kind of 'over-parenting' drives me mad in reality - they are little people, not Buddhas to be worshipped at the altar of. Yes, we have to protect, but we also have to prepare them for the real world.

My 7YO daughter watched the film with me both times - she liked that there were young kids in the film - any film with young kids in it is fun for her! So the second time round I noticed more honesty in the scene where she's talking to her husband in the car before the party - this was a good part of the film where I could get behind the main character and really feel her position.

As far as 'mummy films' go, I preferred "One Fine Day" (1996) with Michelle Pfeiffer where she juggled motherhood with a career and met a man in one helter-skelter day. That is a good film to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon, tucked up on the sofa with a child under each arm and a bowl of popcorn on my lap.

Motherhood" The Movie is out at selected cinemas now and is also released to buy on DVD in March 2010.

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  2. I am glad it wasn't just me then, I was very disappointed by the movie and like you I wanted so much to love it! Such a shame because there was great material there.

  3. BTW hope to see you at the Cybermummy event! :)


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