The Supermarket is my new Selfridges!

Did you know I used to work in a Central London office right opposite Selfridges? I was a graduate of the London College of Fashion and I was working at my first job in Fashion PR, as the PR Assistant earning £10k per year. I used to go to the catwalk shows at London Fashion Week and assist at photo shoots to produce the new season brochures twice a year. You couldn't get more glamorous than this could you?!

Nowadays I am a WAHM. I run my small business around the school run, stay & play sessions, potty training and practically work from my BlackBerry ...and I try to be glamorous, but this is more of an uphill task than it used to be!

When I was fluent in fashion and knew my Manolo from my Margiela, I used to actually detest the supermarket. Going to get groceries was a chore and my plan of action was get in, get what I want, get out - ASAP!

Nowadays I'm more fluent in breast pads and blankets, I can spot a toddler tantrum at 20 paces and my knickers are of the "Gee - they're big" rather than the "G-String" variety, and I absolutely LOVE the supermarket! How times change eh?

The supermarket is great, but only when it stocks fashion. I can't be doing with the mini mart places that just do the food - no WAY! I like to get the groceries I need but also have a little browse amongst the rails of brand new clothes! Soft cotton pyjamas with no kiddie spills on them that will make my life so much better when I can waft around in them before bed! That new handbag that is a bargain at £15 and freshens up everything else in my wardrobe. The 'Jeggings' that I'll only wear for this season because they are 'In' and because they are only £12 I can justify this - it's just like buying a packet of washing powder!

Here is my recent booty from my favourites Tesco and ASDA:

The bag, vest and necklace were from Tesco and the red spotty bra was from ASDA - just £3 in the sale!!

The supermarket is open 24 hours, has aisles wide enough to shop with a buggy and also stocks magazines and other stuff like books, DVDs and magazines - what's not to like?! Anything that saves time and costs little is a hit with me!

...... Being organised saves time, money and boosts your productivity. It also keeps you sane and away from the vodka! Be my friend and follow this blog - your support really does make a difference. x


  1. I am get to get a love for the supermarket, but the I am usually running round with a 3 year old, trying to fit it in beofre we collect the 4 year old from school!!

  2. haha - I know, it's madness isn't it?! My 7YO is in school till 3.10pm so I take my 2YO on a morning after I drop her so I have plenty of time to shop! My 2YO has a chilled out personality so it's a lot easier with him! I never had chance to browse when my eldest was 2 - she was much too feisty!

  3. It's amazing how the idea of a solo trip to the big new Sainsbury's is a proper treat now. My other shopping indulgence is TKMAXX which is next to ASDA. If I buy children's clothes or plates then it's still an essential trip.

  4. I know Ellen - it's mad isn't it!
    We can now get excited about a trip to buy T shirts for a tenner when once I used to get excited about designer shoes and leather trousers! I like the Tu at Sainsbury's range but Tesco's near my house has a bigger clothes dept!!


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