Sales Success and Sanity Saving Tips for Stressed out Mums!

As a business owning mum, I'm always looking to grow my marketable skills so that I can keep up to speed with the business world, because as other mums will know - being with young kids makes us expert negotiators, peace makers and motivators. In fact, we'd do well in the United Nations, but the core business skills we need like sales and marketing can often get left behind.

Anyway, my 'Training & Development' budget is practically zero, so I have to find cost effective ways to upskill myself - that can be done at any time of the day or night - or around a child's schedule! ....So I do a lot of reading!

My most recent book fascinated me as it involves selling (something I'm not a natural at) and acting (which I've always had an interest in). It is called "Sell Your Self - Act Your Way to Sales Success" by Bryan McCormack.

The book had a unique take on sales and persuasion and was unlike other sales books out there. The author says that "Actors need selling skills more than sellers need acting skills" which I can see would be true as actors have to be believable and to 'sell' the show they are in, so the book was written through this perspective, showing you the techniques that actors use to 'sell' their products (ie: themselves) and how an actor would deliver a sales script so it didn't sound false.

The book shows you how to develop a 'sales character' to play when you are selling, like an actor plays a role. This aroused my curiosity - by having a 'sales character' that I can slip into when I need to talk 'sales', I can avoid the rejection of having the prospective client say "No" to me, because if they do decline, they are rejecting my sales character - not me!

I can see where a character that I can slip into would work in other life areas too. When I'm having a day with the kids where they would make Mother Theresa snap, I can just put on my 'Mary Poppins' suit and gracefully deal with the situation without becoming a fishwife! Hmm, I'll try that one - it could save my sanity sometimes!

Whilst I liked the authors approachable writing style, one negative for me was the constant chatter throughout the book. I wanted to understand his ideas but I found the kind of 'one way chit chat' a bit distracting. He'd propose an idea then say something like "Did you get that? Good!" but then I'm a very 'cut to the chase' person where business is concerned, and don't like 6 words where 3 will do!

Two sections in the 'Reflections on Rejection' Chapter really stood out for me, and made the book worth the £15 cover price alone. The first sub-section was called "Efficient Living" and was about making sure you spend your life doing only what you enjoy (here here!) and the second was called "Inside Out living" and spoke about how radiating positivity is better than a life spent dealing with what others project onto you. I am firmly behind both of these outlooks, and in fact my blog re-design which will be complete later this year will show "Time Management Mum" with the strap-line "Investing time in the important things in life" as my take is that I INVEST my time in the things I do rather than SPEND my time. Nothing I do is wasted time as it has a pay-off in one arena or another, whether it be business, relationships, personal growth etc.

Sell Your Self is an enjoyable book - like a blueprint for achieving sales success, but can also be applied to other areas too as a life strategy. If you are looking to add to your business education, become more confident or for an unusual way to move forward, give this book a whirl!

...... Being organised saves time, money, boosts your productivity and helps you enjoy the 'little stuff' of life.
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