My Tweenie is halfway to being a Tweenager!

Look what my daughter posted to Twitter:

She's so gorgeous - she's 7 years old and loves her mummy more than anything in the whole wide world! I remember that. I remember being 7 and my mum was my hero - before you get to the teenage stage when she doesn't understand because of course, she hasn't been through what you are going through!

A few days later I went to the bathroom and saw this...


My daughter has really surprised me lately, with how grown up she's becoming. She loves Twitter, and asks if she can go on it most nights after school. I agreed to set her up an account so she could become computer literate and practise her spelling which has had the desired effect, but she only follows 1 person (Me!) and she only has 1 follower (Me!) I protected her tweets so she wouldn't be read by anyone else.

As well as Twitter, her favourite sites are anything related to the Disney channel and especially Hannah Montana. She also loves her school VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) where she can pick up classwork to do and leave comments for the teacher on the latest class poll. But the biggest surprise came when last week she took her dad's laptop, switched it on by herself and navigated to Playhouse Disney by herself. It wasn't long ago that she'd ask me to get the site for her! It's good that we keep the laptops on the dining room table so I can always see what she's doing.

What has surprised you about your kids? Or how have they just grown up overnight?!

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