My 80's Heart-throb!

Now this could be embarrassing, but one of my pin ups in the '80s was Irish pop punk prince Feargal Sharkey! (Alongside Shakin' Stevens and Andrew Ridgeley - I know, I know!)

But recently I got to meet Feargal in the flesh when he spoke at a Business Link event! Here he is with me and my 2YO son:

I am pleased to say that I didn't fancy him! But he was a very nice man - straight talking and very passionate about the music industry. He is CEO of UK Music now.

I don't normally take my son to business meetings but I really wanted to hear Feargal speak and so I asked if it would be ok! Needs must when you are a working mum - it makes you resourceful and a bit cheeky!

What teenage pin up would you like to meet? (Or have you met) Spill the beans!...

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