How to be a Millionaire Mumpreneur

A new book launched last week to help and inspire mums who are in business or want to start a virtual business from home. It is called 'Millionaire Mumpreneurs' by Mel McGee - herself a Mumpreneur with three kids and a successful home based business called 'Supermummy'.

I read this book in about 3 sittings - it was that good! Plus I had to read it with a notepad by my side to make lots of notes! Mel has created a very positive book here. I especially loved the case studies from other Mumpreneurs - I could identify with something from each of the women's stories, and I picked up a few ideas from reading about their journey.

The book talks about creating a virtual business from home, selling your knowledge and expertise - rather than a 'bricks & mortar' business like a coffee shop. It starts by exploring the mindset you will need to get going, then how to keep things rolling once you are on the way! The case studies highlight the concepts Mel talks about and provide some inspiration and reassurance that if they can do it, so can you!

The key thing I will take from this book is to do something uncomfortable every day to expand my comfort zone. This was a great tip and is something I can implement immediately! If you want to become a Mumpreneur or already are one and need a boost, this book will provide just that! You can purchase the book with some special offers like a bonus e book offer and free sample chapters by clicking here. Plus there are also extras like online training packages and memberships to mastermind groups for sale if you are serious about getting going!

I really enjoyed this book and will definitely revisit it again when I need to freshen my thinking!

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