How Much Is Too Much?

Hey Guys,
I just wanted to check in with you to ask for some feedback on my blogging frequency!
I've been experimenting over the last few months. At the start of the year I was blogging about once a week, then it went to 1.5 times a week on average. Then after a month or so I started blogging 3 times a week (usually Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's) and now I am settling at about twice a week (Tuesday's and Thursday's).

What is the 'right' amount for you? I kinda like twice a week - Tuesday and Thursday. It's an amount I can handle whilst managing all my other activities. But I know that some people say you need to blog every day to keep your readers! What do you think?

Do leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. I don't want to blog so infrequently that you forget about reading TMM but I also don't want to blog so much that I become another 'thing' on your 'To Do' list. As Juggle Mum, I know ALL about 'To Do Lists' and this blog should be a pleasure not a chore!

Tell me what's the best amount for you!

...... Being organised saves time, money, boosts your productivity and helps you enjoy the 'little stuff' of life.
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  1. Hi - not sure how I found you but saw blog title and it attracted me as I'm suffering big time from lack of time management!! I blog once a week as I simply don't have time to look at and comment on other blogs, write articles and live my other life as wife and mother! How on earth do you manage to write twice or thrice, and how do some write every day????? Anyway, that is a rhetorical question I guess, but my answer is once a week and I get quite a few comments just doing that. Come and see me at mine if you have time!!!

  2. Hey Diney
    Thanks for your feedback!
    I tend to pre-schedule in my posts after I have had a run of writing. When my creative juices are flowing I write up several posts then schedule them in to space them out so that even on days when I'm manic, my posts are still going out regularly!
    Thanks for letting me know your 'frequency' preferences. I'll be interested to hear what others think too.
    I'll check out your blog now!
    Best wishes

  3. I think it depends on what you can comfortably manage with your own life. It also depends if blogging is a big part of your income or a a hobby on the side... I have a website rather than a blog, and get traffic primarily from search and that suits me well.

    All the best,


  4. Sorry I just realized I forgot to add the other half to my thought!! I prefer the website over blog model as you can go away and it continues to tick over whereas blogs are high maintenance.


  5. Hi there,

    Since I started outsourcing and getting myself more productive I've been interested focusing on time management. Thankfully, I found this lovely blog today and it helped me build more ideas now. I hope to work with you in the future!


  6. Thanks Michelle & Tyrone for your comments!
    Michelle - I agree, blogs are more high maintenance and you make a good point. It is just nice to get direct feedback from the people who are reading to see what they think of the frequency too.
    I'm going to see how I go at twice a week - it seems to be working!


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