Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

Hands up who loves new shoes?!
Yes, I KNOW I'm not the only woman out there with my hands up! So how excited was I when Hotter Shoes contacted me to see if I wanted some new shoes!!!
...and here they are!

My 7YO took the pic as my toddler and I were at the door about to do the school run!

So let me tell you how it came about. The PR person for Hotter Shoes asked me to visit their website and choose a pair to review. So off I went -like a kid in a sweet shop, but when I got the site up, I have to admit being a little disappointed. Some of the styles displayed looked ...how shall I say this.... slightly orthopaedic in nature? I was about to turn down the request, but thought I should give the site a chance, so I avoided all the styles that my Grandma might choose and went on the hunt for some fashion!

The site promises shoes to fall in love with and comfort and we all know that fashionable shoes aren't always comfortable, so I put on my stylists eye-goggles to see if I could find some footwear that would be both comfortable and fashionable. This was when being educated at the London College of Fashion really came into its own. I spotted a handful of little gems hidden in their range - shoes that I would be proud to dash around town in or do the school run.

I liked the lace up heeled brogues and some of the sporty shoes were cute - I would certainly wear those when visiting a theme park or soft play area with the kids as I know I'd be doing a lot of running around.

I chose a pair of chocolate suede slouch boots called "Jade". They had sold out of most sizes but I was able to get a size 8 (even though a 7.5 would have probably been a better fit) it allowed me to wear them with chunky socks to keep me warm. These boots were like wearing slippers - they really ARE that comfortable.

The day I got them I was dashing round to the school run, supermarket and to the bank so I was on my feet all day. As a busy mum I welcome anything that is easy to use and looks good, so I was pleased that I didn't have to think about my feet that day! In that, if shoes hurt, your feet are on your mind, but when something fits well, you don't think about it! It was also raining that day, but the rain didn't affect the shoes at all - I was able to brush off the drops when I got home so the boots stayed looking nice.

I love to be cosy and warm, so these Hotter Shoes boots are now one of my top two boots along with my faithful UGGS. Here is a picture of my two favourite pairs of boots!

You cannot fault how comfortable these shoes are but I'd say to Hotter Shoes that they need to display the 'trendy' styles more prominently on their website so that younger buyers are not put off. Aesthetics are important, whether we like it or not and people do judge a site by its appearance. But for speed of delivery, product presentation when the boots arrived and courteous, friendly service - this company fitted the bill. ...Oh, and they are a British company and make the shoes here too which I also liked!

...... Being organised saves time, money and boosts your productivity. It also keeps you sane and away from the vodka! Be my friend and follow this blog - your support really does make a difference. x

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