Rubbing Shoulders!

This week I got an invitation in the post....

On the back of the envelope were three words, printed in straight black type "No.10 Downing Street". When I saw that, I had a feeling of excitement mixed with apprehension. What did the Government want with me?! I mentally flicked through my life experiences to see if I had done something wrong that may have finally caught up with me! (Well, I didn't think I had but you never know!) But upon opening it was an invitation!

Here is the wording - you'll like this:

"To celebrate the success of Britain's small & medium sized businesses, The Prime Minister requests the honour of the company of Nadine Hill at a Reception at 10 Downing Street, Whitehall on Thursday 11th February 2010, from 7.00pm to 8.30pm"

Swish eh?!

Then, underneath it says: Dress: Lounge Suit!

What?! The only suit I wear in my lounge is my cosy pyjamas - and I'm not turning up in them! I wish it had said 'Cocktail Dress' - I have 3 of those in my wardrobe just begging for a night out, but as a WAHM I rarely wear suits anymore. Actually, I never wear suits anymore - this is the benefit of working for yourself! No stupid dress codes!

So the only option I have is to go shopping!

I have some nice black trousers which I could wear with a new top (as all my tops are too casual for No. 10!) But I'd rather have a top that I will at least wear again - so no shirts. I associate shirts with work and I wear my logo'ed shirt when I'm networking.

So help me out here - what shall I wear? ...and this is a question of significance because the more fab I look, the more likely the photographer on site will be to take my picture and I want a picture of me inside No.10! (I'm not allowed to take my own camera, and bag searches will ensure that I cannot sneak one in either, so a show-stopping outfit is the only way!)

There is this dress that I like by "Star at Julien Macdonald". See here.


I could just get a fab coat like this one at NEXT and team it with my black trousers and a plain black top which I have. Thus letting the coat be the star!

Let me know what you think. Your answer could guarantee that the flashbulbs pop around me!


I'll let you know how it goes!

Now I just need to choose shoes!

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  2. PS) here is the official invite!

    Copy & paste URL into your address bar

  3. Hi Nadine, I love the dress - I'm going for something similar. Really looking forward to the event, won't it be amazing. My husband said I ought to frame the invite and put it on my desk as a reminder of this achievement - I might.... See you then, Lyndsey

  4. Thanks Lyndsey.
    The dress is being delivered today - I have to wait in for it *groan*! I was out yesterday when they tried to deliver!
    If it looks good, I'll wear that. If not, I'm off for the coat!
    PS) I had the same thought about framing the invite!


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