Ring a Ding Ding! Wedding Day Nostalgia!

My Brother in Law and his fiancee are getting married in 5 short months and helping them get their rings this week brought back some fond memories of planning my own wedding day.

I was offered a ring from the site Tungsten Rings Online, so I seized the opportunity to help out a young couple who have to buy everything, by seeing if they wanted to choose their wedding bands from the site.

There was plenty of choice, from Platinum rings, to Titanium, Tungsten, Palladium and even Ceramic wedding bands! I was surprised at the variety of what is effectively a plain band, but this site had everything.

If you like a bit of 'bling' like me, there were some diamond encrusted bands and for variety of colour, you can get white gold or yellow gold rings.

Apparently Tungsten is a new metal to the jewellery industry. It's an alloy that has been used in manufacturing for years to make tools and machinery but has only just started to be applied to jewellery, however its roots mean that as a piece of jewellery it is virtually scratch resistant. This was particularly interesting to me as my husband works in construction and his own gold wedding band from 10 years ago is now full of scratches, so had this been around at the time, I would probably have gone for it.

The rings were delivered very fast although I was disappointed with how they came presented. I know it is because they were promotional samples, but they were delivered in a Jiffy bag envelope, each in a small, clear ziplock plastic bag. I would expect jewellery to come in a box, and their website states that all orders are presented in a leatherette ring case protected by an outer cardboard box, so at least yours will come nicely if you decide to get one!

Here is a picture of the happy couple's hands!

My brother in Law (the Groom) said how this ring felt good on - he went for the Comfort Fit option, and he compared it favourably to the bands he'd tried at High Street jewellers. He commented how substantial the ring felt - a sentiment that I'd agree with - both rings did seem nice and chunky - a durable ring, rather than a flimsy band like some you can get.

Both the Bride and Groom's rings were a good fit although we had a moment of panic when the bride couldn't get hers off again! Her fingers had swelled but we soon made her hands cold again and got the ring off! With Tungsten the ring cannot be re-sized once it is made so you have to be sure of the size before you order. The Bridge & Groom went to a local Jewellers and got their sizes (In the UK we use a letter system) and then they 'Googled' the UK Vs USA sizes to get the correct numerical size which the American jewellers use.

All in all, the rings were good value - someone from the UK buying a ring from this site would do well with the current exchange rate from Sterling to Dollars.

The nostalgia really kicked in when I noticed the Groom twisting the band around his finger, just as my husband did 10 years ago. He had never worn jewellery before and I think it was a weird sensation to have a ring on, and he couldn't stop fiddling with it! Happy memories!

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