Review - FLIPS - they're 'Flippin Great!'

It's a sign of the times when I give my 7 year old a few books that she can read on her Nintendo DSi and I tell her that when I was her age I read these books but they were actual paper books back then, and the reply I get back is "Booo-riiing!"

However she did start to read the much loved books by Enid Blyton from this new range of interactive books for children - FLIPS, which is a collection of books for the Nintendo DS series. (

We tried out Enid Blyton and it was fun for me to read with my daughter for a while and tell her all about Moon-Face and the other characters that lived on the Faraway Tree, but she soon wanted to read all by herself and immerse herself in the various characters.

Good points:
The book is still as charming as ever - 30 years later! And now it comes with 21st Century advancements like sound effects on certain bits of highlighted text. Plus I'd rather her be developing her reading skills than mindlessly watching tv so we were both happy with this activity!

Bad Points:
Ar first my daughter had to bring up a box on the lower right DS screen to click to turn book pages which was a bit of a faff as it covered up some text making it difficult to read. However within 10 minutes whilst I was still turning pages the hard way, my 7 year old had discovered that you can turn pages by gliding the touch screen pen along the screen to 'flick' the page over which ever way you want to turn.

You get 6 books in the one game cartridge so there is enough to keep them entertained on long car journeys without taking up the space - next year my boy will have a DS too so I'll need to get him some stories suitable for pre schoolers - I can't wait to see what comes out by then!

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  1. I'm too much of a traditionalist for this! I read the Faraway Tree with my five year old in book form and we loved it! Maybe when she gets a bit older though she might feel differently!

  2. Agree, nothing beats a paperback book - I love the smell of old books too! (or is that too much information!)
    One of my school run friends said today that she likes the idea of these digital books however as her daughter may be more incentivised to read if it is on her DSi and not as a 'formal' book!
    Hey - as long as the kids read, that's all that matters isn't it!
    Thanks for your comment - glad to know you still read the blog!

  3. I like the traditional aspect here too. Also, flips in this region are a particularly yummy form of crisp. sort of like a wotsit but peanutty.


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