Happy New Year

I had an awesome Christmas and New Year - hope you did too!
I'm a very lucky girl - I got two of the gifts I was secretly hoping for! A fantastic make up case like professional make up artists use and it has different sections for brushes, eye colours, lipsticks etc - now my make up is REALLY organised! I also got some black UGG boots which are the comfiest, softest boots you have ever worn in your life!

What did you get? Any real 'hum dingers' under the tree?! Do tell!

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  1. I too was a lucky girl this Christmas!
    I just found your blog as part of a school project in personal branding. So far I love it! Can't wait to see what you have coming in 2010!
    Amber Sosa

  2. Hey Amber
    Thanks for your comment - I have loads of great content planned for 2010, stay tuned!


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