Detox Your Home for your Sanity!

This week I've been on a detox - but not with my food, I've been detoxing my home!

The post Christmas mess hangover has been sticking around - the kids still have bits of packaging from the toys everywhere and we need to clear out the old stuff that they no longer play with. Plus the festive season makes the household dustbin collections irregular anyway but the recent freak snow meant that the Council didn't send them round at all for 2 weeks and our recycling bins are overflowing!

All this clutter has been building up in my home and the corresponding niggly 'anxious' feeling has been building up in my brain, making me just want to throw everything in a skip and have done with, but of course what I really need to do is just have a sort. Out with the old and all that. So this week that is exactly what I've done!

I went through each room, putting everything in its place and creating new places for the new stuff. Plus whilst I was at it I had a re-jig of all the electrical plug extensions, removing the old mobile phone chargers for handsets long gone, and making sure that surplus plug sockets got a plastic 'kiddy safe' cover.

I made up two bags for the Charity shop, 2 bags of my son's outgrown clothes for a friend with a younger son, repaired several items of clothing that were ripped, ironed on school uniform name tags to my daughters stuff, threw out the chipped drinking mugs, recycled loads of scrap paper and found new uses for 3 pieces of furniture that had outgrown their old use in my house - they now have a new purpose in a different room!

It's been a crazy week but I'm feeling calmer. I have a bit more to do but I can see light at the end of the tunnel now so I'm happy! I think we all need a de-clutter every now and then. I firmly believe we should let go of what we no longer need or no longer serves us, and make room for the new - and I don't just mean 'stuff'. I am also thinking about getting rid of old habits that no longer serve us and making space for new opportunities.

I had an excellent horoscope this week too so my clear out comes at the right time! The prediction read that I'm entering a cycle of opportunity where everything I've been working for is about to come to fruition! Sounds nice doesn't it? I'm glad I shifted the old - make way for the new! Bring it on!!

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  1. Didn't that take ages? I think it would take me a week to do every room, and that would be a week with no work and no children to deal with, which is not likely to happen, well, for a few years yet!

  2. Hell yeah! But I was a 'woman on a mission'! I was in one of those "this is getting done and nothing is going to get in my way" moods!
    I tackled the energetic stuff like clutter clearing during the day when I had more energy and did the 'sitting down' stuff like clothing repairs in the evening when I was tired!
    TGI done! :-)


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