10 Ways to Get on Top and Stay on Top in 2010!

It's a New Year - time to flush out the old and bring in the new! Ditch the habits and thought processes that don't serve us any more and begin some new, more productive habits, so here are 10 ways to get on top and stay there this year!

1. Set goals.
The main way others can 'steal' our time or we can waste it is to drift along without a certain destination. If you have a clear idea about what you want to achieve this year - whether business or personal, you can make sure that you take the steps to make it happen! If you have focus about where you are headed, it's less easy to be steered off track.

2. Inform your Mind.
Make sure that you are putting top quality information into your mind so that top quality thoughts and actions come out. Read widely, become well informed. If you are struggling to manage your time, get educated on the subject! There are lots of books out there on this subject but you can get a FREE e-book called "Get more done in less time" by downloading your copy at http://www.effexis.com

3. Automate your routine.
This one is not just for the office! It's easy to set rules on your email Inbox so that things happen automatically, but do this for your life too! If you find that bills get paid late, set up Direct Debits and schedule time once a month to sit and record everything so you know where your money is. If you find that you constantly run out of milk at home, organise the local milkman to deliver. If you wear skirt suits for work and need hosiery, get Silkies or a similar company to deliver what you need each month so you don't need to 'think' about it. If you are always forgetting birthdays, buy cards at the start of the month for all the birthdays that month and diarise when you need to post them. Work to the 'need to do' date which is several days earlier rather than the actual birthday date which is too late to get a card there. Look at what doesn't work in your schedule and find a way to automate it.

4. Buy in bulk.
It's often cheaper and also means you always have 'stock' either in the office or at home. Like the birthday cards above, get them in bulk - not one at a time. I buy my son's nappies in bulk, wash powder, shampoo, loo rolls! We never run out of any of these items! It's easier to re-stock an item when you are out and about and the 'pressure is off' rather than running out of toilet paper whilst on there and having to be creative about how to solve that problem!

5. Keep all your appointments in one place.
The most obvious solution for this is a diary. I am trying out a Mums Office diary> which has sections for my children too - rather than my usual personal organiser with a 'page a day' view. The 'old' way means I have lots of space to list my activities and 'must do's' but it is heavy and bulky to carry. The new diary is certainly lighter and I love the different sections for different people, but I am finding that I need more space in each 'day' section to list everything I need to! Check them out at www.mumsoffice.co.uk. If you don't have or want a diary, then a kitchen wall calendar or cork board are the next best thing. I'd like to try out the new O2 Joggler to see if this piece of hardware is as exciting as I think it sounds, so if I get chance, I will review this for you as a busy, 'hands on', business owning, plate spinning mum - for all the other busy, 'hands on', plate spinning mums!

6. Daydream.
Allowing yourself time to daydream, think, meditate, be still and quiet is essential in staying productive, focused and 'on top'. We tend to spend our days in processing mode, doing the do, getting things done, ticking off tasks, but our brains also need downtime to dream, drift, chew over matters, think random thoughts. You may have hear of 'left brain, right brain'? How one side of the brain is creative and free flowing and one side is methodical? We need to exercise both sides regularly. I get my daydreaming time doing lengths at the pool, but you might think better in the shower, fire-gazing or in a bubble bath. Whatever works for you is fine, but make time to do it!

7. Get others to help you.
Tech savvy kids (ie most kids) will love to learn personal organisation by creating their own calendars to document their week. My 7 year old can use a computer and knows she has swimming each Thursday so it shouldn't be too hard for her to create her own calendar at the first ever interactive and customizable calendaring and chore charting system for children! Check out My Time Calendars for more information.

8. Stay tidy.
Try to keep a tidy desk, ordered home and neat wardrobe, so you can find things easily and not get 'bogged down' by visual noise. If you have piles of post and paper everywhere - get a filing system, recycling tub and a shredder and use the 'one touch rule'. ie, you only handle each piece of paper once. It takes discipline to get into the habit but it will serve you to develop this habit so go for it!

9. Avoid Vampires!
By this I mean the life sucking, draining, 'nothing is ever good enough', always moaning, vacuums of positivity that are walking around on two legs and are never happy unless they are whining. They just take the drive right out of you and encourage you to wallow in their pit of procrastination. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

10. The final way to get on top in 2010 and stay there is to believe in you.
Treat yourself as well as you treat other people, and I don't mean buy yourself lots of things! Just listen to your body and mind and allow yourself to rest when you need it. Trust your gut reactions, even if you cannot explain them, don't second guess yourself. Believe that YOU only want what is best for YOU, so don't fight yourself - get out of your own way!

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