Guide to a Stress Free Christmas #4

If you are ‘hosting’ Christmas this year and have guests coming, today we focus on the dinner!

Place your order now at the butcher / farm shop / food hall for your turkey, ham on the bone and pork pies. Then, a trip to the supermarket is needed to pick up the Christmas booze and store-cupboard ingredients that are necessary but won’t ‘go bad’. So get your cranberry sauce, tin foil, beers, wines, soft drinks, Christmas puddings, crisps and crackers.

Don’t confuse this with your regular weekly shopping – today’s trip is just about Christmas. Focus on that- supermarkets can get busy and it’s stressful enough, so just one thing at a time! If you do have guests coming though, also consider the ‘incidentals’ like extra loo roll and washing powder that you will use but can’t ‘see’.

Time saving Tip: If you cannot think what you might need, browse a supermarket's online store to help you compile your list or a website like the BBC's Good Food is a great resource. It can also help you with recipes for any baking. I personally love to bake a cake but have no time so I buy everything in. Maybe when my youngest is my daughter's age, I will have a little more time to do some baking - I especially love cake decorating. It's so satisfying!

If you are lucky enough to be going to someone else's house this year, you can relax! But if Christmas is at yours then you are in the best position to wangle the festivities at someone else's house next year!

Come back tomorrow for the next stage in the 'Stress Free Christmas' plan!

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