Guide to a Stress Free Christmas #3

For a time pressed mum, online shopping makes life really easy. Where else can you go and buy things in your pyjamas holding a cup of tea and not have to lug all the bulky bags around, or get round 3 shops in your lunch break? Plus, when you have kids with you, shopping can be a real chore. They want to play in ‘their’ shops, run around and the aisles are never easy to navigate with a pushchair. Then, they decide they need to pee when you are just getting to the front of a mile long queue!

So today we are going to order our Christmas presents online, AND I have just discovered a great new website – Voucher where you can get discounts from practically the whole ‘virtual’ High Street!

Buy for everyone now, because in a week or two we will be wrapping the gifts and this is a job that takes longer than we expect.

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  1. I love voucher codes - it helps me save so much money when shopping online, one of my favourite website makes finding discounts real easy!


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