Guide to a Stress Free Christmas #2

To have a stress free Christmas, now is the time to write and post your cards. A tip for next year is to buy your Christmas cards for next year in the sales THIS year and put them away! You will get them for half price – Christmas cards do not go out of ‘fashion’ and they do not go ‘off’! PLUS, if you are super organised you can even start to write them earlier on – maybe on a dark evening in October when you have nowhere to go and a bottle of wine at hand! But back to now, write all your cards today then take 10 minutes afterwards to list who you sent them to. This will provide the basic ‘checklist’ for you to use next year to make life easier – you will know exactly how many cards you need to purchase and also are sure not to forget anyone if it is written down! We are focusing on cards today rather than gifts because no-one will know you haven’t got them a gift until 25th December whereas cards start arriving around now from others.

Here is a time saving tip – the Post Offices start to get gridlocked around now with people sending parcels, arranging Airmail and collecting pensions etc, so avoid the queues there and get your stamps in books of 12 from most newsagents. You will never queue as long in a newsagent as you will at the Post Office! If you post your cards now, you can get away with using Second Class stamps which will save you money too.

Check in tomorrow when we start doing our favourite activity – SHOPPING!!

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