Guide to a Stress Free Christmas #11

Today it is all about YOU!

I bet you have had a party invite, work do or other social event invitation by now, so we need to get your party clothes. See if you can get some childcare and get to the shops alone and spend a couple of hours focusing on your outfit.

If you can make it during the day whilst the kids are at school, so much the better (book a day off work to shop if necessary). The shops are miserable on a night when everyone rushes there after work, the assistants are tired and ready to get home and you have to drive home in the dark, so daytime is best.

Break up a long shopping trip with a cappuccino and cake to keep your energy up and find something sparkly!

Make up tip: Get a glittery eye-liner to bring some festive cheer to your face. Collection 2000 has a great range of colours and they are really cheap - I have just bought 2 sparkle liners (red and aqua) from Collection 2000 at ASDA in a 2 for £4 deal.

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  1. Love your tips! I'm in that position, but working as a teacher means I can't go shopping in the day or book a day off so here's what I did: When I popped into Tesco last night I spotted a lovely pink and purple slinky scarf covered in sequins. Very now! It has updated my two Christmas outfits without the hassle of shopping and at a fraction of the cost of a new outfit! Feeling very smug now!

  2. Ooh - great tip Working Mum!
    I do that too - get supermarket clothes whilst I'm picking up other stuff - very time saving! Plus, the supermarkets have some great fashions!
    Enjoy your sparkly scarf - bet it looks great!

  3. oo great advice :D

    I always break up my shopping trips with a Soy Chai Latte...well if I'm honest shopping actually breaks up my chai drinking time :D


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