Guide to a Stress Free Christmas #10

Let's talk Stockings - well, stocking fillers actually!

You got your ‘main presents’ online if you followed this plan, but stocking fillers are often overlooked. Mostly because these are the little things that catch your eye whilst out shopping for the ‘bigger’ things and you don’t know what you will get until you see it!

Today make a plan to get some stocking fillers- aim to spend an hour at the shops just wandering and cherry picking the bits that tickle your fancy.

Also, some of the online gifts you ordered should have started arriving by now, so set yourself up a ‘wrapping station’ on the kitchen table and start to wrap some of the presents! This is a job that always takes longer than you expect so start now!

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  1. ...Here is a great stocking filler tip!
    Yesterday I got a Christmas Tree decoration - one for my daughter and one for my son. They were personalised 'while U wait'! I had their names and the year '2009' put on them, and thought it would be nice to get them one each year to build up some lovely Christmas memories when putting up the tree in future years! My daughter got a princess carriage tree decoration and my son got a racing car. They were only £7.25 each - not bad for a lovely personal gift.
    What stocking filler ideas do you have for this year?


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