Guide to a Stress Free Christmas #1

The Christmas Countdown is on and this is normally a stressful time for the mums out there who have everything to think about (let's face it - all the gift buying, house sorting, food prep and kid related activities are usually down to us to organise!) so this guide is a step by step way to ensure a stress free Yule whilst actually having some 'Me' time and enjoying the whole process!

Today's tip is:
For God's sake, book your Christmas hair appointment, any beauty treatments and 'essential maintenance' (like the bikini wax!) TODAY! Next year, you will book them earlier - in October or November but this time you will probably have to accept whatever appointments you can get, as the ladies who planned got the prime slots.

Do it now - I promise you, we will get to sorting out everyone else in this tip series, but YOU are most important this time.

Come back tomorrow for the next stage in the 'Stress Free Christmas' plan!

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