Health Kick.... I wanted to 'Kick' the Masseuse!

I was on a cruise ship last week, having a fortnight's holiday in the Caribbean - it was awesome. Picture the scene, I'd been having a 3 course dinner every night, cocktails and sodas all day, afternoon tea (with cake!) most days and when the kids had an ice-cream, well - it'd be rude if I didn't join them too! You get the picture - I really had a 'no holds barred' holiday and enjoyed myself!

However there really is too much of a good thing and towards the end of the holiday I got to the stage where I was sick of eating! I craved vegetables and water, yoghurts and bananas, so I pledged to get back on track when I got home. Whilst I was there I decided to go to the onboard spa for a massage. I'd had a bit of a stiff shoulder and back for a while and thought that it would just 'sort itself out' when I had a rest, but it didn't so I went off to the spa for a hot stone massage to have some 'proper' relaxation. At the time it was ok, but as the day wore on afterwards, my right arm which the masseuse had concentrated on became more and more painful and at the end of the night, I was in absolute agony, in tears, and enquiring about seeing the Ship's Doctor.

I was convinced that the masseuse had dome something to me - torn a muscle maybe, or caused some internal bruising. She was imploring me throughout the massage "WHY have you left it so long before coming to get a massage?" (My answer - "I don't know, when you have 2 small kids you just get on with it don't you?") Then she was saying (and I quote) "Oy Yoy Yoy, you are so stiff, Meesus Hill" (she was from Eastern Europe) and made me promise to get more hot stone massages when I get home - I agreed! So when I was in bed 16 hours later, in the worst agony with my arm (well - not quite as bad as childbirth but bad enough), in tears and unable to get comfortable, I was sending mental hate messages to the masseuse - absolutely convinced that she had 'done' something to me. I mean, it's not normal to go for a relaxing massage and come out in searing agony and having to wear a sling on your arm for 3 days afterwards.

The first job I did when I got home (after putting the washing on of course!), was to call up a Physiotherapist I know and get an appointment, to have her tell me what had happened, (and if I could sue the masseuse for GBH or something!) I had the appointment this week and was surprised to find out that this masseuse who I'd been cursing all week had actually done me a massive favour! Apparently I'd had low level niggles for a while and I'm either VERY active (going running or just running round after my children) or VERY sedentiary (working on my computer or just collapsing each night after the kids are in bed due to sheer exhaustion). This pattern along with poor posture, the fact that I'm always lifting heavy items (ie: my son who weighs a ton!) and not having a proper chair to sit on whilst working (preferring the laptop on my knee on the sofa because there have to be some benefits to working from home don't there?!) have all compounded in my body 'compensating' for these bad habits by building muscle tightly around the shoulder joint to keep me functional. When the masseuse gave me such an in-depth massage, she relaxed all these knotted muscles, thus bringing all the pain to the fore-front so I could feel the results of my actions all in one go! Nice huh?!

Anyway, I want to thank the masseuse as whilst I was damming her for the best part of a week, she actually did me a huge favour. Had I not been in so much pain, I wouldn't have sought out physio help and my posture, lower back and shoulder would have just got worse and therefore harder to fix in later years! I have exercises to do twice a day and will need about 4 physio sessions but both my immediate acute pain is being treated along with the underlying problem. Who'd have thought that motherhood should come with a 'Health & Safety' warning?! They don't give you a 'heavy lifting manual' in parent-craft class but maybe they should?!

Anyway in the spirit of generally getting my health and well-being back on track now I am home, I have made some changes. I have just tried the new Nescafe Green Coffee (yes - just like Green Tea but in coffee format!) and it's actually not bad! I think it tastes just like the 'real' coffee but it has more health giving benefits (anti-oxidants and all that). I have to say, I like a good cup of tea - it must be the Yorkshire lass in me. But Green Tea -whilst I know it is good for you- in my opinion, just 'messes up' a nice cuppa. But this coffee is great! Apparently my cleaner told me today that green tea and green coffee speed up your metabolism leading to weight loss benefits too so I hope that is true, and at least the coffee tastes ok.

The other thing I've been doing is taking the new Femibion 'Energetic Mum' supplements. I was actually taking these before my holiday and they seemed to be helping me with my active life - I didn't feel as 'drained' at the end of the day as I had done previously, so these have been quite good too! I did think they were quite expensive at about £10 per pot, but if you get them when Boots does a 3 for 2 offer, they are not so bad!

So armed with my coffee, supplements, bottle of water, pilates DVD and 'carb curfew' (this is something I learned about on holiday!) I'm on with my health kick and hopefully soon I'll be 'kicking arse' when I get into my Christmas LBD, rather than wanting to kick that poor masseuse!

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  1. You know what I think I have the same thing as you do! I have a pain in my shoulder that gets worse some days and dies down at others. I started wondering if it had something to do with my posture. It is in the right shoulder and it gets worse when I use the mousse too long.
    Ok I need to find a physio...

    Thanks for sharing and wow that seemed like a great holiday!

  2. Thanks for your comment PHM. I hope you see a Physio to 'get fixed' soon! We all just rush around with our niggles and never get them sorted don't we?!
    It really was a great holiday but it is also nice to be back into the 'old routine' - even though I now have to cook again:)


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