Celebrity Mum is a REAL Winner!

The Celebrity Mum of the Year for 2009 has been announced and I am over the moon that it is Kym Marsh!

I'm over the moon because here is a 'real' woman who had 2 kids then pursued her dream of being a pop star which she achieved and now she is also an actress and presenter. Well done her! She shows that just because you have children, doesn't mean that your life stops or that you have less ambition than you did as a single girl.

Plus like many of our UK celebrity mums, she doesn't have an entourage of nannies, personal chefs and helpers like the US 'Moms', she takes her own kids to school and when she cannot collect them she relies on 'Grandma' like so many of us UK working women!

Kym is an inspiration. A down to earth mum who juggles a busy life and looks great too! Well done Kym!

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