Best way to run a home on the fly? Treat it like a business!

As the weeks progress to the end of 2009, my life is speeding up! I've been on a 'go cart' without brakes going down a mountain since school started back in September (not literally of course!) So it has been even more useful in recent weeks that I have a tendency to treat the running of my home like a business. My husband used to smirk when I spoke about 'stock rotation in the kitchen' (otherwise known as making sure the tins with a longer use by date are towards the back of the cupboard) and when I used my project management skills to organise domestic help such as having the carpet steam cleaner come after the weekly cleaner so the carpet is already vacuumed before it is deep cleaned.

However one particular aspect of running a retail business has served me well over the last few weeks whilst I've been running through life! I have kept a full 'stockroom'! There is nothing worse than running out of shower gel during your shower and having to 'borrow' your husbands more masculine smelling one or having a head-achy child crying but you have no Calpol. During the Summer I started building up supplies as I like to be well stocked and here is my cupboard:

It's so much easier to have everything you could need at hand and replenish your stocks next time you are at the supermarket when the 'pressure is off'! I tend to ensure I have one item I'm using and one 'spare' and it is the 'spare' I replace at the supermarket.

What are your tips for the smooth running of a busy house? Leave a comment and share!

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  1. I do exactly the same.

    I also have a stock of children's birthday cards, wrapping paper and presents (boy and girl ones) so that when a party turns up and I know I've no time to go and buy a present, there are some already in the house. I just stock up again next time we're in Borders or Toys R Us.

  2. As a relatively new Mum of one...those tips are very helpful. I try to keep stocked up as well but not quite as organised yet. My newest thing is buying long life milk to have as stand by for when we run out of fridge milk because I hate runnning out and doing an unnecessary trip to the supermarket.

    The milk always lasted in life B.C.

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies - I do the exact same things! I always buy birthday cards in bulk and get kids toys etc in the sales and just store them for when my children are invited to parties!
    ...and Mel - the long life milk thing is essential! I still do that and my youngest is two. It helps when you haven't had time to get fresh from the shops! Also to help unnecessary supermarket trips, I have my Sunday newspaper delivered (it's the only day of the week that I get chance to read it) plus I always buy two loaves of bread at a time and freeze one of them so I don't run out when everyone wants toast!


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