Best way to run a home on the fly? Treat it like a business!

As the weeks progress to the end of 2009, my life is speeding up! I've been on a 'go cart' without brakes going down a mountain since school started back in September (not literally of course!) So it has been even more useful in recent weeks that I have a tendency to treat the running of my home like a business. My husband used to smirk when I spoke about 'stock rotation in the kitchen' (otherwise known as making sure the tins with a longer use by date are towards the back of the cupboard) and when I used my project management skills to organise domestic help such as having the carpet steam cleaner come after the weekly cleaner so the carpet is already vacuumed before it is deep cleaned.

However one particular aspect of running a retail business has served me well over the last few weeks whilst I've been running through life! I have kept a full 'stockroom'! There is nothing worse than running out of shower gel during your shower and having to 'borrow' your husbands more masculine smelling one or having a head-achy child crying but you have no Calpol. During the Summer I started building up supplies as I like to be well stocked and here is my cupboard:

It's so much easier to have everything you could need at hand and replenish your stocks next time you are at the supermarket when the 'pressure is off'! I tend to ensure I have one item I'm using and one 'spare' and it is the 'spare' I replace at the supermarket.

What are your tips for the smooth running of a busy house? Leave a comment and share!

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Mumpreneurs and sassy women...Ladies, we mean business!

The past week has seen me travel more than 2,600 miles, cover 2 countries, meet in excess of 200 people (all female entrepreneurs BTW!) and deliver one speech about my enterprise journey. I have also taken part in one NCT sale to clear out my old baby clothes and equipment, 2 birthday celebrations (I have eaten so much cake this week I can't tell you!) had caviar for the first time, sat on the next dinner table to one Royal Princess (the Crown Princess of Sweden - Victoria!) been on a clothes shopping trip with my daughter, taken my son to the hairdressers, had 1 leaky pipe in the bathroom make the dining room ceiling come crashing down and still managed to get up to date with my beloved X Factor (practically the only show I watch on TV - I don't have time for any rubbish!) What a week!

To update you, I went to the Mumpreneur Conference in Birmingham last weekend where I got the chance to meet loads of awesome ladies, all managing businesses around their children and doing very nicely at it too! I was delighted to finally meet Wendy Shand of Tots to Travel who I've been in contact with for 4 years. She is a true Mumpreneur - running a very successful travel business around her 3 young children (the youngest being just 5 weeks old!)

At that conference I also met Antonia Chitty of ACPR. She has 3 children and I had a cuddle with her youngest who is just a few months old. Antonia won one of the awards at the conference, for Inspirational Business Mum and well deserved! Plus she is the author of several books including her latest The Mumpreneur Guide, and I have one copy to give away to a reader of this blog!! To win, simply leave a comment on this post squeezing the word 'mumpreneur' into the comment with your email address or a means of reaching you and I will select one comment at random next week to win!

After the Mumpreneur conference I was straight on a plane to Sweden to take part in the launch of the European Ambassador Network for Female Entrepreneurs. This event, organised by the European Commission had a programme for the day which was organised by the Swedish Presidency and after the formal conference, there was a Royal Gala Dinner at Stockholm's City Hall attended by Crown Princess Victoria. I was there representing the UK in my Ambassadorial role with Enterprise UK. Have a look at my introduction video! Plus here is the first piece of media coverage from the event! I also did a blog post for Enterprise UK with more details about the event - check it out here!

Speaking of business events, I have another give-away for you - one ticket to the Enterprise Nation conference in London on Friday 20th November worth £50! This is the UK's first Home Enterprise Day so well worth a look if you are running a home based business or thinking of doing so. There are only 150 places available and I have 1 up for grabs! To be in with a chance, just leave a comment on this post with 'Enterprise' in the comment plus your email address and I'll pick one next week!

Finally whilst I'm on a roll with prizes and give-aways, one of my advertisers is running a survey about your usage of my website and other media and would very much appreciate your feedback. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and as a 'thank you' for your time, you will be entered into a draw to win one of three £100 high street gift vouchers of your choice. Please click here to enter the survey! (**Note: this link has been disabled as survey capacity was reached!**)

So as you can see there are so many women who have started businesses, got great ideas and passion and are out there doing things for themselves. I'm proud to be a Mumpreneur and an Ambassador for Enterprise UK and to be a mummy blogger! I came up with a great quote this week whilst on my many air-miles - if you keep pushing the boundaries a little each day, pretty soon the world becomes your comfort zone. As I start this (more local) week in my business, on reflection I find that to be so true. Looking at the 'me' who started up almost 5 years ago and the 'me' who is mingling with Swedish royalty now, I can't wait to see what the next 5 years will bring. But whatever it is - bring it on!

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Did you see the article in Prima?

Have you seen the November 09 issue of Prima?

Well 'Nadine Hill' is in it!! On page 106!

They used two of the time saving tips I gave them and the article helps you claw back an extra hour a day. Well worth a read!

I've just been to the Mumpreneur Conference in Birmingham and I'm about to jet out to Stockholm to speak at the launch of a European Ambassadors network for enterprise (I am a UK Ambassador) so when I get back I will have a special 'Time Management Mum' update for you and also a reader give-away! Watch this space!

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