My Little Discovery has Sparked my Christmas Shopping!

Would you consider July too early to start Christmas Shopping? Well I don't! As I've just found a lovely little online boutique called Jonnys Sister!

I came across the site in July and thought their selection of cushions, gifts, toiletries and other pretty things was really sweet. I decided to get some bunting from them with my name on it, as I was going to use it for a business event - here is what it looked like:

Anyway, after seeing how fab the bunting was, I decided to get some bunting with both my children's names on it (one in blue, one in pink) for a Christmas present for them. I thought the bunting would look great in their rooms as we are decorating them at the moment. Then, I decided that it would be even cooler if I also got some for a couple of the other children I buy for at Christmas (relatives and friends) with their names on and get started on my holiday shopping!

You mums will know, Christmas is always manic - especially as it is always down to us to buy ALL the Christmas presents (except our own hopefully), plus all the card writing, the house cleaning and tidying, the food shopping, the tree decorating and the attendance at school nativities and fetes etc. In my house it is even more eventful as my daughters' birthday is Christmas Eve, so I also have to plan a birthday celebration too, ensuring that Santa and 'Christmas Day' don't overshadow HER big day. All of this means that I definitely have all my present shopping finished by 30th November each year (it's too stressful to leave it any later!) Which allows me to actually enjoy December without having to go to the shops when it is just too busy. I don't like the crowds, I'd much rather go shopping earlier on during a weekday when most people are at work and it's quieter! (I know - I'm getting old!)

So I was really quite pleased when I'd placed my order and made a start on the mammoth task that is 'Christmas'. The bunting I got was £33.50 which I thought was great for such a unique and personal present that will last forever. PLUS it is all made in the UK and I like to support British businesses. Thankfully none of the kids I bought for read this blog so they won't find out before 'the big day' what their gift is, it can remain a surprise.

I also like the 'Love Letter's from the site too which would look great in a nursery. I have one friend who is expecting at the moment so I will keep this in the back of my mind!

So Christmas shopping started, I actually feel 'lighter' knowing I'm on my way. I do have another confession though... I wrote my Christmas Cards for this year in August, so that's another massive job out of the way!! I got this trick from my mum and it is a great time saver. We always buy our Christmas cards (for next year) in the Christmas sale when they are half price (it just makes economic sense!) and I store my cards in my loft with all the Christmas decorations so I have them ready when I need them.

Over the August Bank Holiday weekend this year, we were having a lazy weekend - laying out in the garden when it was sunny, reading magazines and having a BBQ, and I decided to do all my Christmas cards, so I wouldn't have to find time in an already busy month! They are all done now - ready to post on 1st December. (Except the immediate family's cards as I get personalised ones for them from the market in the run up to Christmas).

So come on girls, let me know what you do way in advance of Christmas so I don't feel like too much of a freak!! Has anyone started their cooking and freezing yet?!

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  2. Ooooooooooh always good to get hints as to good places to look for unusual Christmas gifts - currently having a total blank mind about everyone on my list


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