Getting my Groove Back!

I think last week was possibly the busiest week I’ve had in the history of my life! I got my 6 year old back to school and settled into the old routine (having had 6 and a half weeks of play and nothing ‘brain taxing’!) plus my 2 year old boy started pre-school nursery, so he’s had a lot to get used to - we had tears on the first and second sessions once he realised that I was actually going and when I went to get him at 11.30am he looked like a little lost sheep coming out of the playroom into the parents meeting hall to be collected. After the first session I brought him home to turkey dinosaurs as a special treat! Anything to make the whole ‘being separated from mum’ thing seem like a bit more fun, but as I had not had time to re-stock the fridge/freezer before the Friday, I had nothing fun for Friday’s lunch so we made do and after I got my daughter from school we all went to good old Maccy D’s for a Happy Meal! (Me included!)

The parents reading this blog will understand the huge amount of effort that ‘Back to School’ requires, it doesn’t sound like such a big deal but it really is. It’s my job to see these kids through transitions like this, making the events as seam-free as possible and ensuring that they are equipt to cope with these life changes. Not just materially, with PE kits etc, but emotionally too. Who can remember going to school and reaching out to a potential friend in the playground only to be rejected as they already had a best friend (and of course when you are 6 you don’t realise it’s ok to have more than one!) It’s heart breaking when your child runs to you and says “so and so doesn’t want to play with me” and you have to tell them that “it’s ok – they don’t have to play with you, you can go and find another friend who will be happy to play” (knowing that as soon as your child starts having a great time with the ‘second’ friend that the first friend will want to come and join in!) This is the way of life, and it starts in the playground, which is why a successful ‘Back to School’ is vitally important.

So as well as two lots of ‘Back to School’s and getting two children settled in with their new teachers and new set of classmates, I also had to spin the plate that is my business! I have run the business on a ‘skeleton system’ throughout the summer whilst I had my hands full, but it’s time to crank it back up a gear, to do my future planning, organise the next round of client newsletters , have the meetings I need to have, do the networking I need to do, to keep the business driving forward.

Fortunately a lot of my clients tend to holiday in August when their kids are on school holiday too, so the workload drops accordingly but come September it’s back at it full throttle. Last week I also gave an inspirational speech to a group of business women at a function called “Women Inspired” – the event had the theme ‘Onwards & Upwards’. This involved planning and delivering the speech, organising my outfit for the night and hauling ass right up to The Lake District to attend the event (well, it was near The Lake District but it was a bloody long way and I hadn’t realised the trek involved when I agreed to the talk!) However it was an excellent event where I met some lovely ladies so it was worth it, but with all of this activity to do, my ‘me time’ took a battering.

I am on a mission to get into size 10 jeans by next May which is a pledge I’d made to myself a couple of months ago, and for me, I lose weight easier and faster when I can exercise. I’ve really missed my exercise over the summer holidays and now the school routine has started, I want to get back on track. I like to jog down to school with my daughter – she rides her scooter and my son is strapped into the buggy, so we get a workout whilst I do another essential job I have to do. This is why women are great at multi-tasking, we think laterally. What two jobs can I combine to make life easier or to pack more in?! Anyway, I have desperately missed this opportunity to exercise and when I get this 30 minutes of activity, I feel sane! I have the chance to listen to MY music on the iPod (rather than the tunes of Hannah Montana which is what I hear the rest of the time!) plus when I run I can eat what I want and I still shed the weight so it’s a win-win! I did manage to do a 6 mile power walk last week with a couple of school run mums so I got back into it but I ached afterwards, having gotten too used to taking the car everywhere all summer.

Anyway, this week I was planning to start to get some 'me time’ back as I’ve just received my free copy of the new Kathy Lette book in the post! You may remember I did a post recently where I encouraged you to claim your free splash-proof copy (so you can read it in the bath!) and if you haven’t already done so, they still have some left! Click here to get yours!

Have a look at what Kathy says about why she wanted to join forces with Radox on this book launch:

...and here is her inspiration behind the book....

I think that Kathy and Radox have been quite brave in telling us all to be selfish. It’s like they are ‘re-claiming’ the word and changing its meaning, just like Persil did with the ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign. They took something that people would go “ewww!” at and made it into a fact of life and let’s all celebrate getting dirty and actually living! Radox are celebrating selfishness, and encouraging us all to take that time out for ourselves, which we just forget to do (or else we put ourselves at the very bottom of our lists).

Now my kids are settled back into the school routine, and now it's the end of another manic week (which saw my washing machine break down, cannot be repaired and I've had to buy a new one - it's coming tomorrow!), I can try to take some time out and be selfish – doing some of the things that I would like to do but don’t seem to get the time to do!

It’s my birthday tomorrow so I'm definitely being selfish because I have dictated that we see 'Julie and Julia' at the cinema. My hubby says "It's a 'chick flick' but it's tough because it's what we'll be watching. Don't mess with the birthday mama!

Here is Kathy practically describing my life - I ALWAYS get the burnt chop!

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  1. Ohh Happy belated Birthday! I hope the pics was good i'm dying to see that too, think i'll take my mum next week! Good look with mission size 10 i too was on the mission but have relapsed :(

    Award for you at mine, sorry if you alreday have it, just means your twice as fab x x x


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