Last night I had a treat in bed! ......

...... I got 10 whole hours sleep! Yes 10!

The culmination of not stopping for breath over the school summer holidays, constantly being on the go and also stepping up my workouts recently as I’m determined to drop some dress sizes must have had an effect and I retreated to my room as soon as the kids were in theirs!

Now my boy is 2, I’m starting to get my rest back again. It’s less often that I’m woken in the night and the sleep helps me to feel sane! I remember in the ‘newborn’ days when you are surviving on 3 hours a night if that, and you feel close to tears most of the time due to the sheer stress of it all, I used to say that I could handle anything as long as I’d had some sleep! Actually, in a recent survey of over 50,000 parents across Europe, over half of all UK mums and dads claim that lack of sleep is the biggest challenge of parenthood – no surprise there!

So in rounding up the best tips, resources and competitions on time management and juggling a busy life for the readers of this blog, I discovered that Pampers are running a competition for tired out parents to win a sleep kit!

If you go to the Pampers website - click here, you can enter a 5 minute survey to win a Pampers Limited Edition Golden Sleep Kit. One hundred entries will be randomly selected and the sleep kit includes a Golden Sleep Guide, Fairy fabric conditioner sample (750ml), Golden Sleep ‘Taggies’ sleep comforter, Golden Sleep CD of lullabies and £1 Pampers vouchers. The contest is open until September 25, 2009 so if you have babies in the house – go for it!

PLUS... (drumroll please!) Pampers are offering the readers of Time Management Mum a chance to win a session with expert sleep doctor Professor Gregory Stores!

This session worth £150 will give one lucky reader the ability to chat through their own specific sleep and bedtime routine issues to get some bespoke advice to help them get back their essential sleep!! I mentioned this to a friend of mine last week and she reckons she’ll be entering this give-away to see what advice he can give her. Baby Lola is just 6 weeks old and I know my friend is shattered – she also has a 3 year old and a business to run so she has her hands full – a typical juggling mum!

To be in with a chance of winning this unique (and possibly life enhancing!) prize, leave a comment below with the words ‘Pampers Golden Sleep’. So tell us what you would do to get some ‘Pampers Golden Sleep’ or tell us the story of your worst night of sleep when you would have loved some ‘Pampers Golden Sleep’! Each comment below will equal one entry into the draw. Become a follower of this blog for another entry (existing followers will automatically be granted one entry) and Tweet about this blog post and competition to gain a further entry to the give-away (but you will have to leave a comment so I know you have Tweeted – if that makes sense:-)

NOTE: This contest is now closed.

As we are all busy mums managing our time as best we can – we don’t need the added hassle of doing it on no sleep – after all, would you expect a performance sports car to run on no fuel!

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  1. Great competition but I (thankfully) don't need a sleep kit! My boys are teenagers now! Great blog though!

  2. As a mum of a toddler and a young baby I can honestly say that the greatest gift anyone could ever give me would be 8 hours of continuous, unbroken, glorious, soul enhancing sleep!! Seriously! Pampers golden sleep, or indeed sleep of any description, sounds like a marvellous idea, when I can get some?!!

  3. I'm not an offical entry because...drumroll....John is now sleeping through the night! He's 14 months and it was a very long 14 months. My daughter (2) started sleeping through the night at about 8 weeks so John was quite different. I am now finally getting a decent nights sleep. I hope you will too!


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