“Be-Selfish" to get to the top of the Class!

It’s September! A fresh start – that ‘Back to School’ moment, the month when you can buy a whole new winter wardrobe because ‘you can’t walk around in your summer stuff now that it’s autumn’ (even though global warming has fixed it so that it still feels like Summer in October)! I LOVE September – not least because it’s my birthday month – all the gift vouchers I get come at just the right time for me to splurge on the new clothes and books I want to buy before I get into winter ‘hibernation’ mode!

So in keeping with the ‘fresh start’ feel, Juggle Mum is ‘a changin’! I have loads of reader giveaways coming up for stressed and harassed mums, and for mums who just want some time to themselves, so make sure you follow this blog as the lovely ladies listed in the ‘Followers’ box will be first in line for the freebies!

I’m a massive fan of ‘me time’ – mostly because I just don’t get enough – when you are catering to the demands of a 6 year old and a 2 year old, plus my business clients and then a hubby, the old ‘me time’ can be elusive, so I love that personal care giants Radox are doing a ‘Be-Selfish’ campaign, encouraging women to take some time out just for them. I have to say, a few more bubble baths on my own wouldn’t go amiss! (And what I mean by that is without kids in with me! I wouldn’t mind more bubble baths with the hubby – we did buy a double ended bathtub for that reason but schedules don’t permit at the moment!!)

So Radox have teamed up with author Kathy Lette to promote being selfish and getting the ‘me time’ you deserve! Kathy’s books are very observationally funny – she’s always been a feisty female from as far back as I can remember – I have a couple of her books, and her latest one – “All Steamed Up” is out this month. Here she is looking glam on the book promotion photos:

...and here:

I think I’d have nails as red and unchipped as that if I was a little more selfish! But to be fair, Kathy’s children are teenagers whilst mine are still in the poo and nappy stages (but not for long – I’m toilet training the boy as we speak!) so maybe there is hope for my nails yet! Have a look at this video which shows Kathy in her very funny way, describe how she became a writer.

I have to agree that writing is cheaper than therapy! I have been writing this blog for just over 9 months now, and it has gradually developed over that time and I’ve nurtured it – it’s like a baby! Early on in my blogging, I joined the social network, the British Mummy Bloggers and found loads of other blogging parents who support and encourage each other – it’s a community of like-minded people, and this helped me to ‘find my voice’. A journalist recently asked bloggers on the site why they do it, and got all sorts of responses from ‘because it is cathartic’, to ‘it helps me promote my business’ to ‘it helps me chart the development of my children’ to ‘it replaces the office banter that you miss when you are a WAHM or SAHM’, so evidently blogging is another great way to get some ‘me time’ and have a chat with other mums. Plus, a major benefit is that you can do it at midnight if you want, whilst the kids are asleep – you can’t have a play-date or coffee morning like that!

Kathy loves blogging too, and sees it as a great ‘career starter’ for writers – check out this video to see what she says about us blogaholics!

Blogging is a really good outlet for self expression and great for ‘me time’ but it can be highly addictive. I decided to just to one post over the whole summer to avoid falling into the trap of writing about every single experience over the school holidays rather than living it! It was actually a great time saving way of blogging AND enjoying the time with the kids, and we packed so much in to our 7 weeks. They are back at school next week so I will have a little more time to myself – and hopefully you will too.

As a special treat, for when you have your ‘me time’, here is an exclusive audio from Kathy Lette’s new book “All Steamed Up” for you to enjoy. If you think you are stressed – have a listen to the life of the lead character in this one – it’ll have you rolling on the floor laughing or thanking heaven that it isn’t you! Enjoy with my compliments, and feel like the special mama you are because only a handful of bloggers have this exclusive advance preview and I’m sharing mine with you!!

For further information about Kathy’s book and tips on being selfish and getting some ‘me time’, visit www.be-selfish.co.uk and keep following this blog!

**NEWS JUST IN!** If you hurry to the Be Selfish website and are one of the first 10,000 people to get there, you can get a free 'splash proof' copy of Kathy's book - perfect for reading in the bath! A free book in the post?! Go for it!!

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  1. Lovely, just order my copy!!

    I can't use that fab prize I won, do you know of anyone I can pass it on to?

  2. I will be following this blog avidly as I am the world's worst at finding 'me' time. Take for example this morning, I stayed in bed and watched The Andrew Marr Show closely followed by Nicky Campbell's debating programme. Hubby said it was ok but I am now racked with guilt thinking I should be domestic goddess on Sundays as I am stuck to the pc all week.
    Perhaps my negative state is because my 'office' is in the ensuite!!lol!!
    Any constructive criticism welcome!


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