Are you a Jugglista?

These are my balls! (yes, seriously!) I'm learning to juggle - literally! I decided that like many women, I'm an expert in juggling a busy life so I may as well know how to juggle properly - plus it's a great 'party piece' as I'm no good at singing or telling jokes!

So in the interests of us Jugglista's helping each other stay sane with our busy lives, I'm looking for your tips that will be uploaded to a new site (currently under construction) so we can all benefit from each others' hard won knowledge!

Email any tips on managing a modern schedule, practical advice for running a home, ideas on how to keep the children happy and insights into how you get some 'me time' to - all ideas and thoughts are welcome.
*Note: this email address is no longer in use but look at for articles about being a busy mum!

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