Taking time out with the kids all summer....

I remember when I was a kid at the start of the school holiday. Long hot days ahead of me packed with fun, friends, ice cream, hanging out - y'know, all the really important stuff! Naturally I never considered what that meant for my mum... until now!!

The thought of a long summer of child entertaining fills a lot of parents with apprehension. How will I juggle the kids with work, how will I keep them entertained, how will I keep them from destroying the house! This was my take on it last year when it was my 'first summer holiday' as a mum of a school age child! This year I'm more relaxed - the girl, the boy and I have loads of plans this summer, so to help provide a little inspiration for ideas to other parents and to keep as a log for me of what we did so I can repeat it next year, I will add to this blog post all summer and tell you what we're up to!

Also, being a purveyor of time management (haha, I'm not a purveyor actually but I liked this title!) but being a self confessed organisation junkie, doing my blogging in this way enables me to spend the precious time with my kids enjoying them and not feeling stressed to write new blog posts!

Juggle Mum is now officially on 'staycation' with the kids, normal service resumes in September! Plus, for more ideas on what to do with the children this summer and a free Summer Fun Booklet, check out www.dadtalk.co.uk or www.gingerbread.org.uk

So here is what we've done so far:
-First day of summer hols, my brother in law took the children to Lightwater Valley theme park in Yorkshire. He had work holidays to use! I used the opportunity to get some work done in my business!
-Baking day to cater for the picnic that took place the next day
_a trip on the Kirklees Light Railway. The kids went on a steam train with their friends and played in the park!
- a trip to the Wacky Warehouse for the kids whilst I lunched with a business friend (discussing business and personal!) It was a half business meeting!
-Trip to the swimming pool. My kids are water babies!
-Visit to Cotswold Farm Park to stroke the baby animals, watch a cow being milked, tractor rides, go on a jumping pillow!
-Another Wacky Warehouse visit! (Good thing I bought a 'play passport' for the summer which means the plays work out at £1.50 per play rather than the usual £3!)
-Another swim. My 2 year old loves to jump in!
-We flew a kite in the park after a long walk
-A day at home playing with their toys. My 6 year old always wins at Monopoly but she makes up her own rules!
-To the local 'stay and play' council run centre for 'messy play'. This is all the finger painting and gluing glitter and stars that I don't like being done at home!
-A visit to my cousin who has just moved house. She has 3 kids so there's another 'play date'!
- The 'Wacky' ....again!
- A bike ride to the park, then via the bakery for a pasty, then back to the park for a play!
-A trip fashion shopping (for me - not them!) About time 'mum' got an activity for her!
-Dropped into the local pre-school nursery so my boy can see where he will be starting in September and have a little play! He's getting a big boy now!
-I didn't feel well on one day so we went to the supermarket to get the kids a DVD and microwave popcorn then we went back home for a special 'movie day' (ie: chance for me to rest!)
-Got together with friends and went to a local pub for a lunch and the kids all played in the outdoor play area
-Had a swimming playdate at a pool where they have a wave machine and slides!
-Had friends over to play on the trampoline in the back garden!
-Went to see a friend with a new baby and got stuck in traffic for 3 hours on the way home as a lorry had overturned on the motorway! Not fun with 2 kids in the back, one of whom I'm toilet training! There was lots of peeing in a cup and tipping it out of the window. Mums are nothing if not resourceful!!
-Took the kids out for lunch to the local garden centre and had a walk round afterwards
- A girlie trip to the cinema to see "Aliens in the Attic" with my daughter
-My son and his dad went to Wembley to watch the rugby over the Bank Holiday weekend
-Me, the kids and my mum went blackberry picking so we could make a pie!
-A trip to Great Grandmas so the kids could show off how much they've grown!

...And here ends the roll call of the summer - bring on 'Back to School'!

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