Win It Wednesday! The opportunity to change your life!

I just had the most awesome weekend of my life! I went with 2 friends to the Christopher Howard BTS - which is "Breakthrough to Success". It is a 3 day event held in London (actually they hold it all over the world - Hawaii, Portugal, Italy etc) but I was in Earl's Court! However it didn't really matter where the venue was because I only saw the inside of the hotel for the whole weekend anyway!

It started on Friday at 9am but as a school run mum I had my duties to do so I couldn't catch the train to London until Friday evening. It was 11pm before I reached the hotel! However I didn't mind, it turned out that Saturday was going to be my breakthrough day, as you will see.....

The event is a long one - starting 8am Saturday until 10pm ish but as it happened we didn't get out until 11.30pm! Sunday was another long one - 8am start and ended at 9pm but it was SOOOO worth it!

Christopher Howard specialises in NLP - he is like a guru whom the best minds in the world go to for guidance. He is bezzie mates with Richard Branson and has been with him on Necker and he has American best selling authors on his speed dial! His training and events are all about reprogramming the mind to get rid of the negative, limiting stuff and to allow yourself to dream big - that whatever in the world that it is you want - you can have.

I am no stranger to dreaming big. In the last year I have written a best selling book and launched this blog! Yay! I have also developed in my business and I have more plans up my sleeve for the future, but to be honest, I have always wanted one certain thing and it has eluded me until now.

I have been overweight since being a teen. I was a classic 'comfort eater' - very emotional, if I was happy, I'd eat, if I was sad, I'd eat! I'd even eat when I KNEW I wasn't hungry but it was like a compulsion. Food was my friend, it gave me a hug when I needed one. I did manage to lose 4 stone and drop 5 dress sizes before I became pregnant for the second time. I thought I had cracked it (I was exercising a lot, although my eating habits didn't change that much) although the pregnancy was my excuse to eat again and stop exercising so I put the whole 4 stone back on (and then some!)

This weekend at the Christopher Howard event changed all that.

I knew that if I could just get into the habit of taking the healthy option rather than the one laden with creamy sauces or smeared with butter, then I'd lose the weight, but getting started is the hardest thing of all. Once you have a few days track record of eating well behind you, it's easier to continue. You don't want to undo the hard work you've done. But starting when you are feeling like you need a hug - real or otherwise, is tough.

This weekend Chris Howard from his stage platform managed to successfully perform NLP on about 1000 audience members. He created an atmosphere of possibility - that anything can happen. And it did. Several of us had tears in our eyes afterwards. We were hugging and 'high fiving' and we went from a room of complete strangers to a group who had just shared a life changing experience that day. After the NLP session we not only had our own goals clearly in our minds, but we looked at each other through different eyes. These strangers became friends.

My goal was that I will fit into a size 10 jean by May 2010. I am currently wearing a 20-22 and am back to my biggest ever weight. However this time is it different. This time I OWN the goal. It is already mine. I just need to take the decisions I need to take and do the actions I need to do between now and then for that to be my reality. I can truly and honestly say that it WILL happen. I have never been so sure of anything in my life. The nagging little 'internal head voice' has gone. She has been silenced and instead my 'inside the head cheerleader' is doing her thing to encourage me! I am as committed to this goal as I was committed to the day I said my wedding vows more than 10 years ago - I'm THAT sure. ...and it is an awesome feeling to be so sure!

Historically I would never have declared a goal so publicly. I suppose I wanted to keep it quiet - for now in case it didn't come off, so I wouldn't look foolish. But this isn't the right mindset if you want to achieve your goals, and this was part of the weekend's learning. I currently have pictures of me how I look now on my Facebook page but what I plan to do is to do a 'goal achieved' blog post right here next May, when I am in my brand new size 10 indigo jeans, that hug my butt and are boot-cut style. When I have those jeans I will take a picture and put it up side by side with my 'now' picture so you can see the realisation of my real world results.

Ladies (and gents!) if you have ever wanted to get on with whatever your own big dream is, then this weekend is the place to do it! The next event is in London in November but I think there is a Dublin event before then if you fancy the trip! However I was also fortunate enough to get some freebie tickets for the event to give away, and I wanted to share these with my blog followers!

If you would like to attend this weekend event for free (saving £895.00) then leave a comment below for one entry. Become a follower of this blog for 2 extra entries, Re-Tweet this blog post for another entry (and tell me you have done so here so I know!) and all the entries will be placed in a hat and I'll send out a ticket to the first 20 names I pull out.


This was an awesome event and I am planning to go again next year and do further training with the group, so I can continue to set and achieve my goals and dreams.

Before you go - don't forget to diarise May 2010 to check back on this blog. Those size 10 jean pictures WILL be here!

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  1. Nadine, we have met at various networking events, I follow your blog and I have tons of respect for you - as a business woman, a mum and a friend. I will re-weet this blog, and well done you for having the balls to publicly declare your goal.

  2. Hi Nadine, you are a breath of fresh air!! I will retweet this blog for sure and wish you all the love luck and happiness in the world.


  3. Wow you go for it!!! I am a follower as you know and I shall retweet x


  4. Wow - how great to hear your determination! You go, girl!! xx

  5. Good luck with your goal, the power of the positive mind is an amazing thing.
    I would love to go into the draw. I am already following your blog, I have sent a tweet and I've linked to you in my latest blog post:
    It's about biscuits though. Sorry!

  6. Oh wow. I was excited just reading this. I'm a complete comfort eater too and want to change my eating habits for the better and find myself a new path. I was bullied at school over my weight and have never really been in control since to the point of becoming pretty ill with depression. I so don't want to pass this on to my kids.

    I also never make my goals public for fear of failure and humiliation. It's so hard isn't it?

    I've no doubt you will reach your goal. Fingers crossed and maybe I'll be in some size 10s too.

    Please enter me in your comp.

    And I've tweeted you...

    jobeaufoix Brilliant competition over at Time Management Mum's

    And I'll try to remember to add a link to my post tomorrow.

    As a newly single, 'currently not working but not sure what to do when I'm well enough to work', Mum, I so could do with an inspirational weekend.


  7. Congratulations Nadine - the first step on reaching your goal is deciding exactly what it is. Good for you. This is the first time I've read your Blog (doing research on Mumpreneurs!) and I will definitely be back again.
    You can and will succeed in your goal. Only a couple of weeks ago I had a goal to lose 7lbs in 7 days and I did it. If I can - anyone can. Go for it. (Will have to follow your progress on Facebook as I don't Tweet yet!) Every success to you.

    Ellie Crisp - Personal Success Coach

  8. Hi girls
    What lovely comments! Thank you all:) I'm feeling the love!!
    I was just about to go for a run - my daughter is at a theme park today with her best friend and my 2 year old is having a nap in the buggy so we were going to have a run - me pushing him whilst I run actually! But I had to stop by and thank you for the support.
    I swear to God - the size 10 is MINE and I will post pictures in May next year! If any of you are losing weight or going for other goals - go for it! We are all awesome and we CAN do it!
    Love you all!

  9. I love your mindset an look forward to reading your goal achieved post!

    No need to enter me in the comp. Logistics would prevent me from going. Hey ho.

    Will tweet anyhoo!

  10. Interesting blog! NLP interests me greatly and its good to hear others experiences (have also added you as a friend and am about to retweet :D)


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