Cool book alert! Busy mums will LOVE this!

After a very kind reader posted a note on this blog to tell me about a new book, I just *HAD* to check it out!

The book is called "How to be an 'Amazing Mum' When you Just Don't Have the Time" and it is written by mum of two and journalist Tanith Carey. Here is the cover - cute!

Now I have to say I'm a pretty savvy mum myself *ahem!* I have created my own shortcuts over the years to getting things done - keeping my plates spinning all day, ensuring the kids have everything they need for school, play dates etc and still running my business and my home as effectively as possible. I'm not saying the house is perfect but there are no mice at least!

However this book had so many tips that I'd never thought of before, ranging from basic strategies for getting out of the house on time each day (no mean feat in itself!) to travelling with kids, getting through the chores in record time, getting vegetables down the kids, ways to organise your home to make it work better and handling events like children's parties and Christmas.

Regular readers of this blog will know that Juggle Mum is all about YOU - the mum, rather than the children. You are the Kingpin (or 'Queenpin'!) that your whole family's world revolves around, so I like things that are more about YOU than the kids. The title of the book seems to be more about the children's benefit but trust me, when you see some of the tips included you will agree that some of these strategies are to make the MUMS life a lot easier!

After reading this book I went out and bought some drinking yogurts for me as I frequently do the school run on an empty stomach having spent the time before leaving the house ensuring the kids were fed and the days bags were loaded in the car. I also bought 2 mesh washing bags for my two to put their undies in before putting in the wash, meaning that all socks and pants are pre-sorted after the dryer and ready to go to the correct child's room! I also resurrected the 'Good Girl Chart' that had gone out of favour and was taking up space on my dining room table, and improved the tasks that earn a star to be more age appropriate, like tidy your own room for my 6 year old. I'd previously only used the chart to stamp out tantrum like behaviour rather than to incentivise positive habits like putting her own clothes in the laundry rather than leaving on the bathroom floor, so this has been a good nudge for me.

There is one tip in the book that I can give an improvement on, so here goes mums:
On the subject of children's birthday parties, Tanith says "After the party, don't bother with personalised thank you cards. Write down who gave what and then email a brief thanks with the party picture." Not bad, but after all the party preparations I am ready to relax after the party and thinking about thank you notes is another "To Do" on my already packed list. (My daughter's birthday is on Christmas Eve so I have enough going on after her party without having to worry about doing the 'thank yous' So My advice is to put a generic thank you note into each party bag which the guests will take home with them. Job done! The note I use each year (it is saved on my computer and I just print it out onto jazzy coloured paper) is:
"Thank you very much for coming to my party and for the lovely present. I had a great time and hope that you did too! Love (child's name) xx"

All in all the book is packed with pure advice, page after page and gives useful, practical tips that can be adopted straightaway to start to gain some control in your life.

The book is published by Lion Hudson at £7.99. Available on Amazon and all good booksellers.

I am constantly keeping my beady eye open for any useful resources that help mums control their time or have more 'me time' so as I come across them I will share these resources on this blog. If you come across anything that might be useful to busy mums, post a comment or send me an email and I will check it out!

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  1. This sounds just up my street - I am overwhelmed like most of the working mums I know and looking for shortcuts, so this should come in very handy....

  2. That book looks brilliant! Might borrow it from the library on my next visit.

  3. I saw this and wanted it! Now even more! Can't possibly wait til Christmas. Have you also read "The Mums' Book: For the Mum Who's Best at Everything" by Alison Maloney and "Yummy Mummy's Ultimate Family Survival Guide" by Liz Fraser? Both really funny, with loads of really great tips on being a s**t-hot mum!

  4. I'd be interested to read that book and I have loads of tips - especially for full time working mums - thanks to allgrownup for the other tips - it seems like quite a cottage industry in itself this timesaving novel book doesn't it? x

  5. Wow, that sounds like a great book and seems like it helped you quite a bit. I could do with some tips (off to check out the rest of your site!).


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