Smart mums let the kids make the money for a change!!

If you have ever fancied putting your feet up whilst your kids earn the money, you might be in luck with the launch of a new competition! Kinder Chocolate is looking to find the new face and personality of Kinder Chocolate Mini Treats.

Think of this - if you enter your child and they win, they'll be the face of a leading brand which could kick start their modelling career! I've always fancied having my children earn the bucks whilst I swan around the world for all these glam catalogue photo shoots and tv ad campaigns as their chaperone!! haha.

Seriously, if you think your child might find this sort of thing fun, then Kinder is looking for six funny kids between the ages of 4 and 11 from the UK and Ireland, to appear on the front of their iconic packs (and these haven’t changed for the last 12 years!)

Parents or guardians will be able to take part in this competition by submitting a picture and a funny quote from their child, or even a cute anecdote to the competition website. 100 children with the most public votes will become the semi finalists. 30 children will then be short-listed by a panel, including a celebrity judge, who will all be awarded great prizes.

**This contest is now closed**
The contest launches on 15th June when the submission site goes live at Parents and Grandparents have until October to get their child listed on the site then the public will decide on the six winning Kinder kids in an online vote during October. These kids will be announced in November!

As well as the obvious first prize of having your child become the face of Kinder Chocolate Mini Treats which could see them modelling next to celebrities and having awesome pictures taken for free, runners up prizes also include a leisure voucher for a family day out!

My only problem is, if my kids don't fancy it, I wonder if I could pass for a Kinder Kid if I smother on the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and some Touche Eclat!!

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  1. There is an award for you at mine x

  2. Damn my "drama queen" is only three, the four year old is way too shy - i might follow your lead and prentend to be twelve hehe x


    Please vote for Edward aged 5 from Bristol. Thank you. xxx

  4. I have set up a campaign to get Kinder to re-set their counters to zero as people are able to multi vote on children and many votes are going unregistered for voters. Kinder are aware and have admitted to 'robot' voting in the past but deny it's going on now yet some children's votes increase 1000 plus some days and other days struggle to get 100. The following link it to the campaign page and thought you may be interested
    Suzanne Young


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