Mama needs her mojo back!

This post has been churning around in my brain for more than a week now as I've tried to articulate what I want to say. I've slept on it, swam on it, churned it over whilst driving and tried to thrash it out in 20 second sound-bites with the other mums at the school gates, because this is the only female company I have at the moment (barring my 6 year old daughter and who wants to discuss a descent into frumpdom with a child? She'd tell it like it is with no social graces - last week she told me that I couldn't climb on her bed because I'd break it! -Cheers honey!)

Anyway, the basic fact is that like a lot of working mums, I'm knackered! I run around putting out fires all over the place and keeping all the balls in the air. I run a small business from home, but it is an international business that operates 24-7. I have just had my first book published which went to the Amazon Best Seller list on launch day - this was a dream literally come true! I am a hands on mum of two, a 6 year old girl who is a 'mini me' and an (almost) 2 year old boy who is a 'mini him', so I navigate the school run, parent teacher meetings, school fayres, sports days and the weekly swimming lesson with cooking the teas every night, keeping the washing machine whirring, stocking up the fridge, you get the picture. This leaves very little time left for any kind of social life. My evenings are usually spent catching up with the work I couldn't get to in the day because of all the other stuff!

I am a massive sleep fan - I get cranky if I get too little. In an ideal world, I'd have a greedy 9 hours a night, I love it that much! I usually settle for a standard 8, but trouble is, just lately I've had to shave about 2 hours off even that time - I'm averaging about 6 hours. Yes, it's an improvement on the usual amount I got as a mother to a newborn both times, but now they are both sleeping through the night, I can't even blame it on the kids - I'm only getting 6 hours because I'm working till midnight on the laptop!

By trade, as a Virtual Assistant I help other small business owners with their telephone answering and their administration which means I'm super organised - I have to be! Fortunately, I've always been organised and since having the children I've flexed my juggling muscles so hard that I'd probably qualify for the circus! But even though I can multi task with the best of them, the sleep debt has made my daily routine fuzzier. Whilst I still get through a lot - enough so that no-one would ever think I wasn't on top form, the fact is that even with a full life and a lot to be grateful for, sometimes it can be a lonely task holding down the fort all by yourself at home. I'm not even a single parent- my husband works for himself too so him and his business partner are out all day working then spend evenings in the office. I do miss adult company who I can talk to on a personal level. I'm not about to talk to my clients about the fact that the waistbands in my wardrobe feel tight or to chew the fat on the Katie and Peter saga.

So I started this blog to talk about all that - being a modern mum, doing the daily plate spinning act that is my life, and sharing some tips on shortcuts I've found or how I manage to juggle without dropping the baby. I am a girls girl at heart and a massive supporter of women - all of us! I think what we manage to accomplish each day is amazing and if I can help someone else's life run more smoothly by posting a thing or two that I have learned, then so much the better. So this brings me back to the mulling and stewing I've done at the start of this blog post. It's taken awhile and some detours into strange territory (remember the Vaj-J-J post?) but I've finally found my 'voice' for this blog. Time Management Mum (Juggle Mum) is about helping mothers get their mojo back using time management techniques, and the first mum I'm going to help regain her mojo is ME!

This week I'm starting an experiment into boundaries. I set them for the kids who love to have a safe, reliable structure to operate within, so now I'm going to erect them back around me! I have had firm boundaries in the past but over time as the time stealers around you come knocking - and they do, every day - over time you get slightly weaker and weaker and start saying "yes" to more just because it's easier and before you know it you are accomplishing everyone else's priorities and not your own so now I have this resolve, I'm going to get my trellis back up and I'll let you know how I get on!

Before I sign off I must just tell you about my apple cheeked little boy - since the start of this blogpost, he's done that 'John Wayne- esque' toddler waddle into my bedroom 3 times to see what I'm up to - even though he was put to bed 30 minutes ago, so 1 story and 1 dirty nappy later he's finally gone off - little monkey. Seriously, I firmly believe that if anyone wants to know about time management they should ask a modern working mum!

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