It's the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival!

Come in, wipe your feet and make yourselves comfy! This time the carnival is at MY house, and as I love being the hostess, I want to make you all feel welcome!

So this is a round up of the current best of British Parent Blogging Talent! Let me introduce you to some of them.....

First we have Rosie Scribble, the 36 year old single mum of one who is up against a Bad Barbie! Don't miss it!

Next Liz Jarvis a mum and parenting journalist tells us all about the hidden meaning in the 'lyrics' with "they are playing our row!"
At my house the lyrics are usually "well I didn't make that mess" after being asked to clean it up!

Then we have Chloe of Son Time Now who is transforming a child's bedroom into a superhero sanctuary in 10 hours! Chloe re-located to Spain for quality family time and now the mum of a son blogs about toys for boys!

Karin from Cafe Bebe is an American mummy living in Britain with her English husband. Here she celebrates her daughter's second Fathers Day with daddy!

Not Now, Later is a blog run by Jo, a former website Editor now a SAHM who is tackling her clutter in her Life Laundry post!

Next, Amy of 'and 1 more makes four' has a 'tiring time' this week battling with modern wheeled engineering! Read her post here.

'All Grown Up' is a SAHM who is trying to negotiate a social life with a newborn. Read her blog post here!

Antonia Chitty, a mum of 3 and business owner, running a PR firm writes here about educating kids at home. Join the discussion here.

Emily of Brits in Bosnia is battling bureaucracy at the nursery this week. Read her post - it'll make your jaw drop!

Claire at Being a Mummy takes a trip without the kids! I found it a novelty to go to the loo unencumbered too! Her post made me smile.

Charlotte at Raising Kids survives a school rainbow day! Sounds just like my daughter's school's "Walk to School Week" celebrations which they usually pull out of the hat with a few days notice so you have to re-schedule all your 9.15am meetings as now you'll be walking to school which takes longer than in the trusty carbon guzzler! Hats off to you Charlotte!

Stefanie at 'Mummy Do That' gives food for thought on the breastfeeding debate raising some points that I'd never considered. Read her views here.

Mummy blogger Claire Curran tells us about her wishes to get a toddler ASBO in 'Two Year Olds Not good!' Note: You will have to be a member of British Mummy Bloggers to read this post.

Next, Justine at Potty Diaries made me laugh with her tale about the boys playing doctors. Here she goes 'Back to Reality' (and just don't tell the British Medical Council!!)

Joanne Mallon of Parentdish tells us about her love of party bags in this post. I have to agree, a bit of a goody bag gets the party guests out of the door quicker at the end of the party so I can enjoy an Archers & Lemonade!

How about Tara at Sticky Fingers who might get beaten up by angry teens! Kids are so honest!

...and Carol at New Mummy wants to know 'What's Your favourite'? (as in kiddie song?) I personally used to sing Britney Spears to my kids when they kept me awake - the words were so apt: "You drive me crazy... I just can't sleep. I'm so excited, I'm in too deep, oh oh oh crazy, but it feels so right.... baby thinkin of you keeps me up all night!"

This is a rowdy party - I have even more guests for you to get to know! Let me introduce you to Jo Beaufoix, she's like Kate Moss but not! ...And when you get her blog up I thought I was looking into a mirror - check out the picture! She says 'Night night sleep tight' describing children when they are the most beautiful. Read her post here.

Next Clare Wetton at ClareyBabble is feeling the pressure. If you are a mum yourself, you'll nod in recognition. Read all about it here.

Lucille at The Poppies Blog talks about swine flu and get this (I love this tidbit of information - her post was the top answer on Google for swine flu which is hilarious as people were probably looking for medical advice!!) Teehee!

Kelly at Dancinfairy is looking forward to feeding her baby with this post and her mum sounds like mine - she's a Daily Mail reader too - says it all really:)!

Katherine at Supply and Demands is moving .... or is she? Check out her post here.

Milla at Country Lite finds trouble in paradise with scones and sniping! Settle down with a nice cup of tea for this one - and really enjoy!

Sex, Chocolate and your pelvic floor! We have the first two going on at this carnival, but I guess the rest of us have got our Tena Lady pads on so we need the competition prize that Expat Mum is offering!

Maria at FabMums is coming round with the drinks now - read her post If you Give Mom a Martini! Can she freshen anyone's glass?

Margarita, the Fab Brunette over there is talking about Father's Day. Go on, have an eavesdrop at 'How I made J a Father'!

Next, Sandy Calico, a new blogger has Cold Feet. Stop by and give her some support!

Diary of a Surprise Mum is making her own way. Cheer her on as she talks about her life pre and post baby.

Amy at Doobleh-Vay is thinking of her Grandmother. This lady sounds like she knows how to live! 89 Years old and out more nights than Amy!

Caroline just stopped by with 'What's Happening at My House'. She has brought a prawn cocktail for everyone - dig in!!

Dulwich Divorcee has been a Lidl Bit Spoiled with her Waitrose deliveries! Learn more here.

Now I have to ask you all to get out of the kitchen. I know it's the No1 party area but Jan is trying to re-decorate!

Maternal Tales is talking baby weight with her hairdresser and giving us all some encouragement!

Now, are you tipsy yet? Because Melanie at Experimental Mum is extracting DNA so you can give it a go if you fancy!! I'm a little unsure about what I'll do with mine - maybe display it on the mantlepiece over at Grandma's next to her false teeth!

Next let me introduce you to Miss Behaving! She is explaining her happy family to the kids and celebrating her support.

Alpha Mummy posts from the daddy perspective and says "Don't call me a hands on dad!" I wouldn't dream of it but can I still be a 'hands on' mum?!

Next we are recycling Father's Day at Half Mum Half Biscuit.

...and Soap Box Mummy had a bedtime disaster!

Whereas Muddling Along Mummy has a moment of perfection ....

but if it's the outdoors you are after, Victoria at 'It's a Small World After All is Trooping Marvellous.

Now, I'm not one to gossip, but if you are after a bit of good people watching / listening then read Rebel Mother! Something has got her Goat! I love the way she describes her neighbour!

Plus, Tim isn't happy - he says 'This sucks'! I hope he's not referring to my carnival! Oh, yes - it seems that my carpets were clean enough for him! I agree Tim, it DOES suck! I want to be invited to Disneyland. Instead I get a press release about a Vaj-Jay-Jay Visor! (Don't ask!)

We're nearly through with the party over here - I hope you found it easy to find bloggers you might like! However the one who makes it easiest is Susanna at A Modern Mother who says it's as easy as Teaching a Kid to Ride a Bike!

It's the end of the party and Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy is talking poo! No, I'm not being rude - she really is! Check it out here!

...and wait for it! We have a last minute guest! Garden Mum almost missed the fun as she was pitching her tent but now it's up and you can read about it here!

So the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival concludes over at Time Management Mum for today. The schedule for this fortnightly event is kept on Thames Valley Mums Blog and they are always looking for new hosts so don't be shy about volunteering! Here's the link

Now the event is over, take your party bags with you (tee hee!) and let me get on with my Archers & Lemonade and a nice sit down!!

... If you have enjoyed my party, do show the love and follow this blog! I still have all the cleaning up to do now after I relax with my cheeky drink so give me something to smile at afterwards!! xx


  1. Thanks for posting!! I am definitely going to head over to all those links!! xoxo

  2. I'm off to circulate in the party. Thanks for putting on such a great spread.

  3. Wow! Such a lot of people this month. Thanks for all the hard work, now im off to do some reading x

  4. Thanks for the party Nadine


  5. Wow! there are so many posts! I'm afraid I will have to wait for my 2 hours of freedom at nap time to read those... can't wait!

  6. Thanks for your comments guys - I did have a lot of guests didn't I?! Yay! The British Mummy Blogging Community is growing! Looking forward to BMB soon!

  7. thanks for a great party and I am only getting started, there is so many good posts to read. I hope everyone enjoyed the round of martinis.

  8. Wow! These carnivals are getting bigger! Must have taken ages, Nadine. You've done a brilliant job and I've discovered some new blogs.

  9. I'll be checking out the other entries ... lots of new ones - what a long list!

  10. Hi Nadine, Thanks for hosting. I'm off to party. Cheers, Chloe

  11. Well done you! That must have taken ages. I'm off to take a proper look.

  12. Wow, that's some collection! Now, can someone beam me up to a land of extra hours to read it all?!

  13. Wow that is a real labour of love ! Bookmarked for reading when the tennis gets tedious

    Archers & lemonade, try Archers & coke - tastes just like umbongo bars (if you remember those)

    Anyone else think that the party bags are the best part of a party ???

  14. What a lovely blog! And an excellent round-up of all the blog-talent out there, thank you for the party! And enjoy your well earned drink!

  15. OMG! What a lot of posts! Well done for doing it all. Fabulous. And thanks for including mine.

    I'm gonna hang around for while - lot of reading to do!


  16. Oh my you are certainly the hostess with the mostest!!! Well done for putting this blog post party must have taken forever! Can't wait to read them all but i think i' might have to put the whole of tommorrow aside to finish em all :)

  17. Wow, it's taken me all day, but I've enjoyed reading all the posts and found some great new blogs to follow.
    That must have taken ages to put together - you know how to throw a great party x

  18. Brilliant hosting Time Management Mum. That must have taken an age. Hope you're sat with your feet up and a glass of wine. :D

  19. Crikey Nadine - that must have taken you forever...well done you! Might take me a few days to get through them all! x

  20. hehe thanks guys for your lovely comments:)
    It did take a while but I put together this Carnival post in 4 separate sittings! the only way to get through them all I think! There were some great posts so I had a lot of fantastic material to work with.
    Thanks for Archers and coke tip Muddling Along Mummy! I'll give that a go, I used to LOVE UmBongo (they drink it in the Congo!)

  21. I've given the carnival a mention over at mine...thanks again.

  22. Wow, that is a lot of reading right there! Thanks for including me, I am off to put the kettle on and start reading!

  23. thanks, love, for including ME!! And, my, what a lot of link work you've done there - and all those guests. I'd go and count your teaspoons if I were you, looks like a dodgy lot of house guests in there ...

  24. top effort - you obviously are tmm - I missed the carnival completely so sorry I couldn't make an appearance here - boo hoo, see you at the next one!

  25. Wow, cool blogs to discover, thank you!

  26. hehe thanks for the tip Milla. The spoons were ok but I found a lot of 'cup rings' on my table where they hadn't used a coaster and someone has nicked my Kath & Kim DVD!!

  27. Here at last, better late than never.

    Thanks for a great party - you are a wonderful hostess :)

  28. Wow! Lots more for me to read, yay! Thanks for including my post :)


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