Boundaries, Bounties and Boundless Energy!

wwhhhoooaahhhh - boundaries was my project for this week and boundaries got set! The family seemed to know I was in a 'don't mess with me' mode so I had less shenanigens than usual. Maybe once you've made a decision to do something you give off an aura or something, well - I hope that was what I was giving off!

Anyway it wasn't really the children I was having a problem with in the first place - it was more the 'wider family', ie: certain people within it phoning every day when I have specifically asked them to phone just twice a week, because I really don't have time to discuss the same thing each day at teatimes when the kids are hungry, I am tired and the pans are boiling over! So the boundary went in place and even though 'said person' did phone each day knowing they shouldn't, I let the call roll to my domestic answer-machine and didn't feel guilty about call screening! The boundary made me think differently rather than making the other person act differently, and I suppose this is what it is all about because at the end of the day you cannot change anyone but yourself, and this just illustrates that.

Another boundary issue (sounds like a neighbourhood dispute over a garden fence!) I sorted this week was one of an over committed diary. I do have a tendency to over commit if I'm honest, but it's always in the 'just ok' region - in that I'm never late to appointments and I do leave enough time between meetings to get to the next. I know I can juggle so I kind of push it to the limit but this does build up and it's me it takes its toll on. It makes me tired and stressed because I feel like someone always wants something from me, and I only think this because I haven't had any time to myself. I don't need much time to myself each week - a couple of hours or so will usually do it. I went swimming this week and I think I scared the swimmer in the lane next to me because I was swimming so hard and fast, I was a bit like a submarine launched ballistic missile - dead focused on my target and God help anyone who got in my way (fortunately my lane was empty except me!) After 20 minutes of relentless back and forth lane swimming with my head rarely out of the water, I'd calmed down enough to do my last 10 minutes as a pleasant 'Sunday Swimmer' - calmly, with my head out of the water and a daft smile on as I let my mind wander. The exercise made up for the Bounty I'd had beforehand as my mum would say - always doing the 'food maths'.

Anyway, the line has now been drawn in my diary - I am not taking new appointments until August (except for clients - they have to come first) and I've re-jigged things at home to make life that bit easier. On the home front, I've also been motivated to get my a*se in gear and get rid of some clutter - mainly from the kids rooms, outgrown toys and ripped books etc. The act of clutter clearing is having a strange effect on energy levels - not just mine - the kids too! They are even harder to get to bed!! hehe But at least there is less 'stuff' to throw around and create mess with.

Now I'm on the way, my next mojo mustering project is water - as in drinking lots of it to stay hydrated and be healthy. This'll be a challenge - I like my Diet Coke too much but the spots on my chin say I'd better get on the water wagon. I'll report back next week:)

BTW: I have just entered 'mojo' into to get other names for it and it appears that it is slang for Heroin! I am soooooo not 'down with it'! I mean the word in the 'Austin Powers- yeah-baby' sense!

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  1. I always screen calls, especially when it's bedtime and we've told everyone not to call at that time!


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