It's the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival!

Come in, wipe your feet and make yourselves comfy! This time the carnival is at MY house, and as I love being the hostess, I want to make you all feel welcome!

So this is a round up of the current best of British Parent Blogging Talent! Let me introduce you to some of them.....

First we have Rosie Scribble, the 36 year old single mum of one who is up against a Bad Barbie! Don't miss it!

Next Liz Jarvis a mum and parenting journalist tells us all about the hidden meaning in the 'lyrics' with "they are playing our row!"
At my house the lyrics are usually "well I didn't make that mess" after being asked to clean it up!

Then we have Chloe of Son Time Now who is transforming a child's bedroom into a superhero sanctuary in 10 hours! Chloe re-located to Spain for quality family time and now the mum of a son blogs about toys for boys!

Karin from Cafe Bebe is an American mummy living in Britain with her English husband. Here she celebrates her daughter's second Fathers Day with daddy!

Not Now, Later is a blog run by Jo, a former website Editor now a SAHM who is tackling her clutter in her Life Laundry post!

Next, Amy of 'and 1 more makes four' has a 'tiring time' this week battling with modern wheeled engineering! Read her post here.

'All Grown Up' is a SAHM who is trying to negotiate a social life with a newborn. Read her blog post here!

Antonia Chitty, a mum of 3 and business owner, running a PR firm writes here about educating kids at home. Join the discussion here.

Emily of Brits in Bosnia is battling bureaucracy at the nursery this week. Read her post - it'll make your jaw drop!

Claire at Being a Mummy takes a trip without the kids! I found it a novelty to go to the loo unencumbered too! Her post made me smile.

Charlotte at Raising Kids survives a school rainbow day! Sounds just like my daughter's school's "Walk to School Week" celebrations which they usually pull out of the hat with a few days notice so you have to re-schedule all your 9.15am meetings as now you'll be walking to school which takes longer than in the trusty carbon guzzler! Hats off to you Charlotte!

Stefanie at 'Mummy Do That' gives food for thought on the breastfeeding debate raising some points that I'd never considered. Read her views here.

Mummy blogger Claire Curran tells us about her wishes to get a toddler ASBO in 'Two Year Olds Not good!' Note: You will have to be a member of British Mummy Bloggers to read this post.

Next, Justine at Potty Diaries made me laugh with her tale about the boys playing doctors. Here she goes 'Back to Reality' (and just don't tell the British Medical Council!!)

Joanne Mallon of Parentdish tells us about her love of party bags in this post. I have to agree, a bit of a goody bag gets the party guests out of the door quicker at the end of the party so I can enjoy an Archers & Lemonade!

How about Tara at Sticky Fingers who might get beaten up by angry teens! Kids are so honest!

...and Carol at New Mummy wants to know 'What's Your favourite'? (as in kiddie song?) I personally used to sing Britney Spears to my kids when they kept me awake - the words were so apt: "You drive me crazy... I just can't sleep. I'm so excited, I'm in too deep, oh oh oh crazy, but it feels so right.... baby thinkin of you keeps me up all night!"

This is a rowdy party - I have even more guests for you to get to know! Let me introduce you to Jo Beaufoix, she's like Kate Moss but not! ...And when you get her blog up I thought I was looking into a mirror - check out the picture! She says 'Night night sleep tight' describing children when they are the most beautiful. Read her post here.

Next Clare Wetton at ClareyBabble is feeling the pressure. If you are a mum yourself, you'll nod in recognition. Read all about it here.

Lucille at The Poppies Blog talks about swine flu and get this (I love this tidbit of information - her post was the top answer on Google for swine flu which is hilarious as people were probably looking for medical advice!!) Teehee!

Kelly at Dancinfairy is looking forward to feeding her baby with this post and her mum sounds like mine - she's a Daily Mail reader too - says it all really:)!

Katherine at Supply and Demands is moving .... or is she? Check out her post here.

Milla at Country Lite finds trouble in paradise with scones and sniping! Settle down with a nice cup of tea for this one - and really enjoy!

Sex, Chocolate and your pelvic floor! We have the first two going on at this carnival, but I guess the rest of us have got our Tena Lady pads on so we need the competition prize that Expat Mum is offering!

Maria at FabMums is coming round with the drinks now - read her post If you Give Mom a Martini! Can she freshen anyone's glass?

Margarita, the Fab Brunette over there is talking about Father's Day. Go on, have an eavesdrop at 'How I made J a Father'!

Next, Sandy Calico, a new blogger has Cold Feet. Stop by and give her some support!

Diary of a Surprise Mum is making her own way. Cheer her on as she talks about her life pre and post baby.

Amy at Doobleh-Vay is thinking of her Grandmother. This lady sounds like she knows how to live! 89 Years old and out more nights than Amy!

Caroline just stopped by with 'What's Happening at My House'. She has brought a prawn cocktail for everyone - dig in!!

Dulwich Divorcee has been a Lidl Bit Spoiled with her Waitrose deliveries! Learn more here.

Now I have to ask you all to get out of the kitchen. I know it's the No1 party area but Jan is trying to re-decorate!

Maternal Tales is talking baby weight with her hairdresser and giving us all some encouragement!

Now, are you tipsy yet? Because Melanie at Experimental Mum is extracting DNA so you can give it a go if you fancy!! I'm a little unsure about what I'll do with mine - maybe display it on the mantlepiece over at Grandma's next to her false teeth!

Next let me introduce you to Miss Behaving! She is explaining her happy family to the kids and celebrating her support.

Alpha Mummy posts from the daddy perspective and says "Don't call me a hands on dad!" I wouldn't dream of it but can I still be a 'hands on' mum?!

Next we are recycling Father's Day at Half Mum Half Biscuit.

...and Soap Box Mummy had a bedtime disaster!

Whereas Muddling Along Mummy has a moment of perfection ....

but if it's the outdoors you are after, Victoria at 'It's a Small World After All is Trooping Marvellous.

Now, I'm not one to gossip, but if you are after a bit of good people watching / listening then read Rebel Mother! Something has got her Goat! I love the way she describes her neighbour!

Plus, Tim isn't happy - he says 'This sucks'! I hope he's not referring to my carnival! Oh, yes - it seems that my carpets were clean enough for him! I agree Tim, it DOES suck! I want to be invited to Disneyland. Instead I get a press release about a Vaj-Jay-Jay Visor! (Don't ask!)

We're nearly through with the party over here - I hope you found it easy to find bloggers you might like! However the one who makes it easiest is Susanna at A Modern Mother who says it's as easy as Teaching a Kid to Ride a Bike!

It's the end of the party and Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy is talking poo! No, I'm not being rude - she really is! Check it out here!

...and wait for it! We have a last minute guest! Garden Mum almost missed the fun as she was pitching her tent but now it's up and you can read about it here!

So the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival concludes over at Time Management Mum for today. The schedule for this fortnightly event is kept on Thames Valley Mums Blog and they are always looking for new hosts so don't be shy about volunteering! Here's the link

Now the event is over, take your party bags with you (tee hee!) and let me get on with my Archers & Lemonade and a nice sit down!!

... If you have enjoyed my party, do show the love and follow this blog! I still have all the cleaning up to do now after I relax with my cheeky drink so give me something to smile at afterwards!! xx

Boundaries, Bounties and Boundless Energy!

wwhhhoooaahhhh - boundaries was my project for this week and boundaries got set! The family seemed to know I was in a 'don't mess with me' mode so I had less shenanigens than usual. Maybe once you've made a decision to do something you give off an aura or something, well - I hope that was what I was giving off!

Anyway it wasn't really the children I was having a problem with in the first place - it was more the 'wider family', ie: certain people within it phoning every day when I have specifically asked them to phone just twice a week, because I really don't have time to discuss the same thing each day at teatimes when the kids are hungry, I am tired and the pans are boiling over! So the boundary went in place and even though 'said person' did phone each day knowing they shouldn't, I let the call roll to my domestic answer-machine and didn't feel guilty about call screening! The boundary made me think differently rather than making the other person act differently, and I suppose this is what it is all about because at the end of the day you cannot change anyone but yourself, and this just illustrates that.

Another boundary issue (sounds like a neighbourhood dispute over a garden fence!) I sorted this week was one of an over committed diary. I do have a tendency to over commit if I'm honest, but it's always in the 'just ok' region - in that I'm never late to appointments and I do leave enough time between meetings to get to the next. I know I can juggle so I kind of push it to the limit but this does build up and it's me it takes its toll on. It makes me tired and stressed because I feel like someone always wants something from me, and I only think this because I haven't had any time to myself. I don't need much time to myself each week - a couple of hours or so will usually do it. I went swimming this week and I think I scared the swimmer in the lane next to me because I was swimming so hard and fast, I was a bit like a submarine launched ballistic missile - dead focused on my target and God help anyone who got in my way (fortunately my lane was empty except me!) After 20 minutes of relentless back and forth lane swimming with my head rarely out of the water, I'd calmed down enough to do my last 10 minutes as a pleasant 'Sunday Swimmer' - calmly, with my head out of the water and a daft smile on as I let my mind wander. The exercise made up for the Bounty I'd had beforehand as my mum would say - always doing the 'food maths'.

Anyway, the line has now been drawn in my diary - I am not taking new appointments until August (except for clients - they have to come first) and I've re-jigged things at home to make life that bit easier. On the home front, I've also been motivated to get my a*se in gear and get rid of some clutter - mainly from the kids rooms, outgrown toys and ripped books etc. The act of clutter clearing is having a strange effect on energy levels - not just mine - the kids too! They are even harder to get to bed!! hehe But at least there is less 'stuff' to throw around and create mess with.

Now I'm on the way, my next mojo mustering project is water - as in drinking lots of it to stay hydrated and be healthy. This'll be a challenge - I like my Diet Coke too much but the spots on my chin say I'd better get on the water wagon. I'll report back next week:)

BTW: I have just entered 'mojo' into to get other names for it and it appears that it is slang for Heroin! I am soooooo not 'down with it'! I mean the word in the 'Austin Powers- yeah-baby' sense!

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Mama needs her mojo back!

This post has been churning around in my brain for more than a week now as I've tried to articulate what I want to say. I've slept on it, swam on it, churned it over whilst driving and tried to thrash it out in 20 second sound-bites with the other mums at the school gates, because this is the only female company I have at the moment (barring my 6 year old daughter and who wants to discuss a descent into frumpdom with a child? She'd tell it like it is with no social graces - last week she told me that I couldn't climb on her bed because I'd break it! -Cheers honey!)

Anyway, the basic fact is that like a lot of working mums, I'm knackered! I run around putting out fires all over the place and keeping all the balls in the air. I run a small business from home, but it is an international business that operates 24-7. I have just had my first book published which went to the Amazon Best Seller list on launch day - this was a dream literally come true! I am a hands on mum of two, a 6 year old girl who is a 'mini me' and an (almost) 2 year old boy who is a 'mini him', so I navigate the school run, parent teacher meetings, school fayres, sports days and the weekly swimming lesson with cooking the teas every night, keeping the washing machine whirring, stocking up the fridge, you get the picture. This leaves very little time left for any kind of social life. My evenings are usually spent catching up with the work I couldn't get to in the day because of all the other stuff!

I am a massive sleep fan - I get cranky if I get too little. In an ideal world, I'd have a greedy 9 hours a night, I love it that much! I usually settle for a standard 8, but trouble is, just lately I've had to shave about 2 hours off even that time - I'm averaging about 6 hours. Yes, it's an improvement on the usual amount I got as a mother to a newborn both times, but now they are both sleeping through the night, I can't even blame it on the kids - I'm only getting 6 hours because I'm working till midnight on the laptop!

By trade, as a Virtual Assistant I help other small business owners with their telephone answering and their administration which means I'm super organised - I have to be! Fortunately, I've always been organised and since having the children I've flexed my juggling muscles so hard that I'd probably qualify for the circus! But even though I can multi task with the best of them, the sleep debt has made my daily routine fuzzier. Whilst I still get through a lot - enough so that no-one would ever think I wasn't on top form, the fact is that even with a full life and a lot to be grateful for, sometimes it can be a lonely task holding down the fort all by yourself at home. I'm not even a single parent- my husband works for himself too so him and his business partner are out all day working then spend evenings in the office. I do miss adult company who I can talk to on a personal level. I'm not about to talk to my clients about the fact that the waistbands in my wardrobe feel tight or to chew the fat on the Katie and Peter saga.

So I started this blog to talk about all that - being a modern mum, doing the daily plate spinning act that is my life, and sharing some tips on shortcuts I've found or how I manage to juggle without dropping the baby. I am a girls girl at heart and a massive supporter of women - all of us! I think what we manage to accomplish each day is amazing and if I can help someone else's life run more smoothly by posting a thing or two that I have learned, then so much the better. So this brings me back to the mulling and stewing I've done at the start of this blog post. It's taken awhile and some detours into strange territory (remember the Vaj-J-J post?) but I've finally found my 'voice' for this blog. Time Management Mum (Juggle Mum) is about helping mothers get their mojo back using time management techniques, and the first mum I'm going to help regain her mojo is ME!

This week I'm starting an experiment into boundaries. I set them for the kids who love to have a safe, reliable structure to operate within, so now I'm going to erect them back around me! I have had firm boundaries in the past but over time as the time stealers around you come knocking - and they do, every day - over time you get slightly weaker and weaker and start saying "yes" to more just because it's easier and before you know it you are accomplishing everyone else's priorities and not your own so now I have this resolve, I'm going to get my trellis back up and I'll let you know how I get on!

Before I sign off I must just tell you about my apple cheeked little boy - since the start of this blogpost, he's done that 'John Wayne- esque' toddler waddle into my bedroom 3 times to see what I'm up to - even though he was put to bed 30 minutes ago, so 1 story and 1 dirty nappy later he's finally gone off - little monkey. Seriously, I firmly believe that if anyone wants to know about time management they should ask a modern working mum!

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.....I'd like to thank the Academy!!

Time Management Mum (Juggle Mum) is now an award winning blog!!

The Lemonade Award is an award created by bloggers, for bloggers and with the blogging community being at the trend-setting edge of how people are communicating these days, it is an honour to receive it!

My Lemonade Award came from another Mummy-Blogger - we are starting to gain quite a presence in the blogosphere! Thank you New Mummy and WAHM-BAM for the awards - I will proudly display my awards right here!

OK, so in the grand tradition of 'Paying it Forward' - here are the rules for receiving this award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post. (done!)
2. Nominate up to 10 blogs that show an attitude of gratitude (OK - see further down this blogpost!)
3. Link to your nominees within your post (No problem - sorted!)
4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award (uh-huh)
5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award (done!)
6. Tell us how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude (see below!)

Attitude of gratitude

I am grateful for the 'small things' in life. The things that I suppose could be easily taken for granted, but I never do. I cherish the moments I spend with my children, having a cuddle when they come into my bed on a morning, singing along together to the High School Musical soundtrack when we're in the car, enjoying an ice cream together on a hot day, holding hands and skipping down the street. These are the moments that I'll always remember when they are 'too cool' to want to skip down the street with mum, or when their taste in music becomes more goth or heavy metal than delightful fresh faced innocence!
I am also eternally grateful for my life - the fact that I can go into the supermarket and choose from 10 different types of toilet paper. I never used to think about that until I went to Goa one year and there was just one kind to buy and it was the scratchy 'tracing paper' style tissue that my primary school in the 1970's used to have, and it wasn't pleasant as I'd had an upset tummy on that holiday! We have choice in our country, we have everything we could ever need and more under one roof. We have tarmac on our roads and an established infrastructure. When I turn on the switch, I get light. When I turn on the tap I get water - we really are very fortunate when you compare our lives with those of other countries.

So now on to my nominated winners. I have sent this award to bloggers that I enjoy reading. Here is the list:
1. April Showers
2. Modern Mama
3. Hullaballoo
4. Life with a Little Dude
5. Perfectly Happy Mum
6. Hectic Mum
7. The Personal Assistant
8. Home Office Mum
9. Wife of Bold
10. New Mum, Same old Me

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Smart mums let the kids make the money for a change!!

If you have ever fancied putting your feet up whilst your kids earn the money, you might be in luck with the launch of a new competition! Kinder Chocolate is looking to find the new face and personality of Kinder Chocolate Mini Treats.

Think of this - if you enter your child and they win, they'll be the face of a leading brand which could kick start their modelling career! I've always fancied having my children earn the bucks whilst I swan around the world for all these glam catalogue photo shoots and tv ad campaigns as their chaperone!! haha.

Seriously, if you think your child might find this sort of thing fun, then Kinder is looking for six funny kids between the ages of 4 and 11 from the UK and Ireland, to appear on the front of their iconic packs (and these haven’t changed for the last 12 years!)

Parents or guardians will be able to take part in this competition by submitting a picture and a funny quote from their child, or even a cute anecdote to the competition website. 100 children with the most public votes will become the semi finalists. 30 children will then be short-listed by a panel, including a celebrity judge, who will all be awarded great prizes.

**This contest is now closed**
The contest launches on 15th June when the submission site goes live at Parents and Grandparents have until October to get their child listed on the site then the public will decide on the six winning Kinder kids in an online vote during October. These kids will be announced in November!

As well as the obvious first prize of having your child become the face of Kinder Chocolate Mini Treats which could see them modelling next to celebrities and having awesome pictures taken for free, runners up prizes also include a leisure voucher for a family day out!

My only problem is, if my kids don't fancy it, I wonder if I could pass for a Kinder Kid if I smother on the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and some Touche Eclat!!

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Motivation tips for modern mums!

I'm developing the 'Hints & Tips' section of this blog and we're kicking off with Motivation tips!

Drop me a comment - what do you want to know?

... If you like what you read, follow this blog and join the coolest hot mamas in the blogosphere! Go on - it's just a click in the box to the left of this post, AND that counts as your exercise for the day too! See, we love multi-tasking! That's it! The box right there! xx