Too much of a woman?

I've always been a 'curvy' woman - well, I have plenty of T&A and it's become even more plentiful since I had my two children! The other day I wanted to wear my LBD for a meeting. It's quite a conservative dress and doesn't show much of anything but it does follow the contours of my body so I wanted to streamline the bumps over the old hip area! My hips have taken to thinking they are a shelf as the toddler wants to ride on them all day, so they have beefed up accordingly!

I got out this new piece of 'shapewear' that I'd bought and never tried. Notice how it's sold as 'shapewear' now - didn't it used to be called a 'girdle'!! Well I got out the shapewear but as I tried to get it on, I had to admit defeat! It was the equivalent of a full workout getting it on and once it was around my upper chest I could hardly breathe! It felt like punishment to even think of getting it down over my boobs, so I gave up! So i've decided to ditch the shapewear and celebrate my lovely curves. Yeah, they are perhaps bigger than I want them to be right now but I've had 2 children for goodness sake! My body grew them, released them and fed them when they were infants. It continues to nurture them ever day as I throw my arms around them both and pull them close. They love to snuggle up to mummy because I'm so comfy! So bring on the curves!

All you curvy gals out there, let's applaud our wobbly bits rather than moan about them. Tell me, what is YOUR best bit?!

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  1. LOL, Cheers to you! I think my fave bits are my breasts, but I love it all ;)

  2. Amen to that!! I've never been short of curves, even moreso since the little dude stretched me out - but I love it! Especially the bigger boobs :D I would like to get back in my pre-preggo jeans though - if I can manage that, I'll be happy :D


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