Celebrate good time, C'mon! (sung in the tune of the song!)

It's a week to celebrate!!
This blog, Time Management Mum (Juggle Mum), has made the Top 100 British Parent Blogs
! Check out the announcement here! Thank you guys for following the blog and helping it to become popular.

AND... It's the big book launch this week for my first book, The Virtual Assistant Handbook! Wednesday 13th May is the 'big day' - learn more here.

And if that is not enough, my toddler sat up at the table without his high-chair for the first time today (aww, my baby is growing up!) and I managed to get my roots done this week at the hairdressers so now I look less 'Human League'. All I need now is for Will Smith to whilsk me off to dinner and some 'me time' on the couch to catch up on the 'Desparate Housewives' backlog that is building up on the Sky + and the week will be perfect! Oh, actually whilst I'm in fantasy land, I'll 'cosmic order' some shopping vouchers for new clothes, a personal chef to produce the family's meals this week so I don't have to, and a hot tub for my garden! (I've always wanted one of those!)

Good news makes us all smile, so why don't you lovely ladies share what you are celebrating this week. Don't be shy - the funner the better!! (and it doesn't have to be true - unfortunately I don't have Will Smith on speed dial!)

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