Be careful what you wish for!!

I had a hilarious week with the kids, my daughter never fails to entertain me with her questions and theories and my toddler son just makes me laugh! At bath-time this week I had an opportunity to teach my daughter a valuable life lesson, as I'm always observant with things that happen when we're together so I can pass on some wisdom (well, I hope it is anyway!)

The popular saying, "Be careful what you wish for" came into my head this week. My kids and I were in the bath, we love a shared bath and I know that it won't be too many years until they no longer want to bathe with mum so I love all getting in together (fortunately we have a big bath!) I was washing my hair and when it came time to rinse out the conditioner, I hopped out of the bath and into the shower. My daughter said "That's not fair! I want a shower too!" so I explained that I was only in there to rinse my hair and that I was getting out of the bath anyway.

A few minutes later as I was getting ready in the bedroom, I heard "Eeeewwww" and the kids started screaming! My husband was in the bathroom with them and he started laughing as I rushed in to see what was going on. Our 2 year old son had done a poo in the bath and it was floating around! My daughter had to jump out and get in the shower as did the boy, to finish getting washed!

I asked my daughter if she had really wished hard to have a shower like I had, as in The Secret, it says when you wish with intention you'll get what you want. I wanted to see if it had worked for her!

She got what she had wished for but I think she'd have preferred to have it without the poo! haha

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  1. Oh my goodness that is so funny! My little girl had an incident like that when she was just over a year old - but thankfully no one was in the tub with her :)

  2. Haha thanks Margarita - it made me laugh too! Aren't kids funny? I'll always remember when my girl (now 6) was being potty trained and she fell down the toilet! her little bum was too small and the loo swallowed her up!

  3. Hmmmm an extreme way to get what you want but, hey, it worked!! My daughter is very determined when she has something in mind "can't" doesn't occur to her!


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