This really IS for the woman who has got everything!!

Ladies, you are going to love this - the latest fashion accessory - for your va-jay-jay!

It's called The Va-j-j Visor and it is for 'protecting your intimate area when you are using hair dye *down there* or tanning or waxing! It comes in 'hot pink', 'lime green' and purple, and no, I'm not kidding!!

Maybe there is a choice of colours so you can accessorise properly! I mean, if I'm wearing red, I won't want to have the hot pink one in that day, it might clash! What will the beautician think if you are sporting the purple colour in April? Purple is more of an autumnal colour - you'd look so 'last season'! I bet the lime green one is for night-time - I wonder if it glows in the dark! Actually that's not a bad idea. Perhaps women whose husbands don't know their way around 'down there' can use the lime green one like a night flight aeroplane uses the ground lights for landing!

I have to say though, why didn't they make a leopard print one? Or what if you are a girl that likes a bit of bling? Could they put some rhinestones on it?

I have had some real value out of this today. First I had to get up off the floor where I had fallen after laughing so hard when I first opened the press release, then when I wiped the tears from my eyes, I forwarded the information on to 6 friends who I thought would find it as funny as me! Then I posted a status update on Twitter and Facebook! I immediately got ten new Twitter followers after 'tweeting' the word "va-j-j"! (So now you know how to get popular on social networks!)

I was almost too busy to do a blog post today. I had a business day that started at 06:30am, the kids are on school holidays so there was a lot of juggling today plus we are trying to wash, iron and pack clothes for a weekend away over Easter. But the va-j-j press release stopped me in my tracks - literally! It reminded me that there is always time for a laugh and no matter how busy you are, there's always time for the Va-j-j Visor!

Let's have a vote! D'ya reckon we could get the company to produce a 'Time Management Mum*' branded one if we put on enough 'peer pressure'? Or what would you like to see for the Va-j-j Visor? Maybe a bit of fake fur trim? Some ruffles or maybe a Louis Vuitton monogrammed one!!

*Time Management Mum used to be the name of this blog. It was re-branded Juggle Mum in 2011
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  1. Does blogging on the laptop whilst making breakfast for family and friends who've stayed over last night count? (Precisely what I'm doing now!)


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