Ladies that Lunch..... with toddlers!!

I used to go to glamorous business meetings! Once I was taken for 'high tea' by my boss when I worked in fashion PR in London. We went to somewhere really posh but I can't remember the name of the place. They did have silver teapots and three tier cake stands though - and the waiters wore white gloves!!

Today I'm being a lady that lunches again! Except this time the business meeting I'm having involves her three year old and my 19 month old too! As business mums, we have to squeeze in our meetings when we can and we both have our children today so we decided to multi-task! A playdate / lunch / business meeting! Three birds with one stone!

As someone with a keen interest in time management and getting more things done, I love to hear other people's takes on how to be more productive, to pick up tips that I can use in my own life or to see if other people use the techniques that I use to manage my time. However I have noticed that whenever I read an article by a time management expert, firstly, they are usually a man and secondly they seem to advocate avoiding multi-tasking like it's the plague. As a modern business mum, I don't think we could be as productive as we are without multi-tasking. Stuff just wouldn't get done!

My take on multi-tasking is this; If you are doing a heavily involved work project or something that demands a great deal of concentration then you really do need to focus on that one thing, to get it done to the best of your ability before moving on to the next thing. Having fragmented concentration doesn't help accomplish anything. However if you are doing a task that is fairly routine or brainless such as putting on a wash-load whilst chatting to a friend then by all means, multi-task! It is possible to cook the dinner, sort the washing, keep an eye on the kids and monitor your emails or glance at a magazine at the same time. This is what the men seem unable to do, and I do believe it is a genetics thing - men being the 'caveman' and all that. They needed to be linear in their thinking - hunt and kill is all that preoccupied them whereas the cavewoman looked after the home, the kids and her man. And these 'roles' seem to remain with us now. My husband is lovely - he mucks in when he's at home and he's a very involved father but even so he can't seem to do more than one thing at the same time. If he is boiling the kettle for a cuppa he can read the newspaper at the same time but that's about it. Or if he is on the loo then he takes his golfing magazine with him (which I find disgusting!) but as far as doing anything more than that, he just doesn't - it doesn't occur to him!

So when you are reading a book or article by a male time management expert, do bear in mind that they really don't know what it is like to juggle. They aren't hard wired that way. Celebrate what makes us women experts in time management, which is being productive, getting the necessary things done and hopefully having fun too. This is the part where a lot of women fall down - making time to have fun or spending some time on themselves, so this is what we need to develop strategies for and this blog will showcase some of the best, so keep checking back regularly. After all, if you want to learn about holistic time management, just ask a busy working mum!

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  1. My husband is quite good at some multi-tasking (if I didn't know better, I'd swear he was gay). He can watch TV, read a book and carry out a conversation all at the same time. I can't do that at all. But I can load the dishwasher while cooking, supervising the toddler, sorting washing and reading blogs.

    While I'm waiting for the kettle to boil, I put things in the dishwasher/take them out, put washing on, throw toys in boxes, etc. He tends to just stand there waiting for the kettle to boil.

    While working, we're both pretty good at sticking a DVD in and watching something, though obviously there are some jobs where that's not possible.

    The differences are interesting.


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