Gotta get this Giveaway!!!

Happy April Fool's Day! Probably for the first time EVER, I have not been caught out on April 1st yet! Buy hey, it's still 2 hours until 12pm - there is still time!

I have set aside this month to build a better blog - the 'blogging industry gurus' at ProBlogger set a challenge which I signed up to, which is to build a better blog in 31 days and it was supposed to start today, but the ProBlogger guys have had to push the start date back for reasons known only to them, but I decided to start today in any case, so I'm kicking off April with a special announcement!

I am launching an awesome competition!!!

We all like a chance to win something and I have just about the coolest prize around up for grabs. The Busy Book is a busy womans dream - a funky planner to keep track of all her appointments, manage her 'me time' and to log her goals in (and the shopping list)! This exclusive personal organiser usually retails at £39.99 but I have one for free for one of my blog subscribers!

To be in with a chance of winning this pretty time management tool, see below for the entry criteria:

For ONE entry, leave a comment

For an additional TWO entries, add Time Management Mum to your blogroll

For THREE entries, become a follower of this blog - current followers automatically get 3 entries!

For a bonus entry, TWEET this giveaway

....and if you grab my button and add it to your blog, (the code is in the column to the far left), you will get an extra FIVE entries! (plus you'll have the jazzy button to make you smile!)

Let me know in the comments what you've done and how many entries you should get for that so that I don't have to work it all out. Sums like this make my brain hurt - I'm a juggler not an accountant!

Good luck everyone!

*This contest is now closed*

... If you like what you read, follow this blog and join the coolest hot mamas in the blogosphere! Go on - it's just a click in the box to the left of this post, AND that counts as your exercise for the day too! See, we love multi-tasking! That's it! The box right there! xx


  1. Ok, count me in. I like the look of that 'Busy Book'. How many entries do I get if I'm already a follower and you're already on my blog roll?? Lots I hope x

  2. I love the idea of The Busy Book, I wish you the best of success with it!

  3. I would love a busy book have added you to my blog roll, I'm already a follower x

    Happy April fools day

  4. Lovely to *meet* you all! This giveaway stays open for the whole of April so I'll look forward to meeting more of you by then and one of you will get a Busy Book! (Ooh! That was an 'Alan Sugar' moment then - just like on The Apprentice!! LOL)

  5. hiya

    i follow and ur on my blog roll so i guess thats 5? maths isn't my thing lol! x x

  6. Well, I thought you were on my blogroll, but I'd forgotten to update to the new address. Oops. Have rectified and following, too, now. So... is that six entries? 1 for comment; 2 for blogroll; 3 for following.

  7. Will become a disciple of the Time Management Mum immediately. I think that is 3 entries. I'll add you to the blog roll when I do one that isn't Bosnia orientated. Which requires time and management. Hmmmm maybe I need this busy book and help from this blog more than I thought!

  8. Ooo ooo, I worked out how to do a blogroll. I'm very pleased with myself. No idea how many entries that means but I commented (twice - 2 entries? - always worth an ask!), became a follower and put you on a blogroll.

    And it is a Wednesday so it is the Apprentice. Hooray!

  9. sounds like a good idea to me! Can you act like a little time management fairy and grant my wish for more hours in the day? :)


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