Freestyle Vs Routine!

Easter break was fantastic but today my 6 year old was back at school so it's back to the routine. We're dictated by the clock again as we have set times for school drop off and pick up, plus I run a business from home so there are working hours where clients will call and expect to reach a human rather than an 'out of hours' answering machine. It's nice to have some order and structure to the day but I also love the freedom of being able to go with the flow and do what we feel like, rather than doing something because the clock says so.

We took a week out as a family at Easter and went away so I got to sleep late (well, I stayed in bed until 0845 which is late to me!) and we spent time together going swimming, going to the play-gym (with the kids - not on our own!), reading in the garden on a really sunny day, a shopping trip where we stopped for a cappucino and a 'sit down' every hour, and generally just chilling out! I'm back at work and into the swing of things again today only to realise that because I haven't blogged for almost 2 weeks, the post that's been showing at the top of this blog is the one about the 'vaj-j-j'!! Hilarious! I should have left something really thoughtful or deep and meaningful up there so any new visitors would think this blog is a bit highbrow, but no - it had to be about the 'Vaj-j-j'! Still, I got a few more followers so maybe the light-hearted content struck a chord!!

Whilst we were away, we bought the Kath & Kim DVDs again (Our daughter scratched the first set and now they jump) so we've all been watching all the old faves. I can tell I've been spening time immersed in the goings on of 'Kath Day-Night' as I found myself saying "I'm up to Pussy's Bow" to hubby the other day!

Whilst we spent time chilling and going with the flow, I have to say I found that I was quite productive. I get loads of practical tasks done when I'm in the routine, but the holiday flexed my creative muscles a bit more, and I had some great ideas for the business and for my next book whilst all my musings were on the 'back burner' - just hanging around in my head waiting to crystallise themselves! I made loads of notes before I forgot them (ideas have a habit of drifting in then straight out of my head and I have to capture them before they do!) So now I'm back at the laptop I can work on the ideas and see if they were really as good as I thought at the time!

A great tip I've found for capturing the ideas and thoughts that pop into your head whilst you are out and about is to carry a small dictaphone in your bag. I do - it's just the size of a slim mobile phone but it really helps to have something that can immediately collect what's on your mind before you forget (and as I get older I find that I forget more often!) It's also useful for when I am driving because I can't write down what I'm thinking so I can speak any ideas into the dictaphone so they are stored for later! My hubby makes fun and say's I'm like Alan Partridge, ("sack Lynn for being dis-loyal"!!) Any Alan fans will know what I mean! But I don't care - it's a method that works and as long as I get my tasks and ideas down easily which makes me more productive in the long run, I'm happy!

I do like the 'freestyle life', just taking things as they come, but I'm queen of my comfort zone and I like my routine. Which do you busy mums out there prefer? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Routine every time. I'm obsessive about writing lists - I write down everything I do and update it at least three times a day. That's when I'm at work, I'm not quite so anal at home. It's only twice a day at home...


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