Fabulous females! I love us all!!

I had to dedicate a blog post to all the lovely women I know and in recent weeks I have had the privilege of working more closely with even more of them from my business contact network!

I'd say that I'm a 'girls girl'. I like men (I'm married to one and I gave birth to a mini one!!) but I am happiest in the company of other women and contrary to what some people believe, it's not my experience that women are bitchy. (I remember one ex colleague saying this about 'all women' and I didn't agree then and I still dont now.)

Anyway, I've been having a really busy few weeks as I'm excited to say that my first paperback book is about to launch!! It is called The Virtual Assistant Handbook and is available from Amazon. I've just set the launch date with my Publisher (who is a fantastic woman - very savvy and business minded!) and the big day will be Wednesday 13th May 2009! Woop woop!!

To make a real splash on launch day, I have teamed up with some great businesses to offer bonuses for the people who purchase the book on launch day and in total these bonuses are valued at more than £800! ...Not bad for buying a 15 quid book!!

One of the fabulous females who is offering a book bonus is Jules Wyman - a Confidence Coach and semi finalist in the Britain's Next Top Coach competition. Help her get to the final by voting for her here! She is holding a teleseminar for all the book buyers.

Then I want to big up super sassy senorita Sammy Blindell of ICE Innovation! She is offering a brand strategy session worth £150 as a book launch bonus!

Supermummy Mel McGee is a recently published author too! There must be something in the air! Check out her excellent book on Amazon here. She has also offered to support me with a book launch bonus which is a free e-course called "Mum Power" which is worth £149 and a limited time membership to Supermummy Mumpreneurs for just £1 (usual price £29.99)

My Publisher is Lean Marketing Press who have put 3 fantastic eBooks into the pot and a woman runs that business too! Buyers of my book will also receive The Gorillas Want Bananas (worth £15), Power Branding (Worth £7.95) and The Small Business Detox (Worth £7.95) which are all available from the eBook store, Bookshaker!

I have a few other cool book launch bonuses too but these are from male owned companies and we're bigging up the laydeez today!

I think having supportive female friends is essential and I'm fortunate to have some gorgeous ones. My best friend who now lives in Dubai sent me this awesome greetings card the other day - congratulating me on the upcoming launch of my book! She got it from Moonpig and I think it's fantastic!! I always wondered what it would be like to be 'Britney Spears'!!

A woman who is very supportive of other women is a lady called Lynette Allen. She profiled me on her website Pink Expertise on 30th March 2009 and if you have a look, she has promoted loads of other UK based business women too. If you run a business and would like to be profiled yourself, all she asks is that you answer the two questions that all of us already featured have answered and send them to her with your photo!

If you are a regular reader of Time Management Mum, you may have noticed the badge on the left that shows I'm a member of the British Mummy Bloggers. Well the ladies (and one gent!) there have also been fantastic and really supported me with my book launch. I am going on a 'virtual book tour' this Summer 2009 and will be guest blogging at some of their sites, to promote the book! Thanks guys and see you at the next carnival!!

I couldn't possibly begin to list all the gorgeous girls that I know and who are incredibly supportive of me and of other women so let's just say if you are a fantastic female, this blog is for YOU!!!

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