Books, Blogs and more Books!

You may remember the big April competition?! Well I had all the best intentions, but I didn't actually complete the 'become a better blogger' challenge from ProBlogger! I have however saved all the tasks into a new folder and will find a 'quieter' month when I can throw myself into the challenge:)

I have had a good reason though! I have been busy working on my new book launch! It's super exciting! Yesterday I had a courier delivery of 50 of the books, they had my name on them and everything!! I'll probably re-read this post in a years time when the novelty of being a published author has worn off and laugh at how excited I got over the smallest thing but for now I'm basking in the glow of it all! I even sat and smelled one of the books - just to see. My daughter (aged 6) caught me at it and asked when I was doing. When I told her she sniffed herself and said it smelled like chicken! haha here is a pic of the book! Do you like it?
Anyway, let's get on with what you have all been waiting for - the winner of the fabbo competition I launched on 1st April! Do you remember?

So, drumroll please....
The winner of her own Dream PA Busy Book (pictured below) drawn at random from all the entries received is ........Coding Mama (Tasha!)
Well done Tasha - a Busy Book is on its way to you!!

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